Frothy's Got the Wheel and Gone!

Another day, another change at the top of the GOP pop charts. This time it's Little Ricky Santorum taking over the driver's seat in the clown car.

The latest polls give him a three percent advantage over the Stiff, otherwise known as Willard, or Mitt or Max as in Headroom Romney. Ron the bigot goat Paul is in third, followed distantly by the suddenly silent Puffy Messiah, the self proclaimed savior of the world, Newt Gingrich.

Let's put this into perspective shall we.

The really, really big story that the main stream media is not covering, is that NOBODY.....and I mean....NOBODY is showing up to vote at these caucuses and primary votes.....NOBODY.

All you heard last week was the Little Ricky swept three states....HE WON THREE...count em...THREE STATES!

Man! Frothy really took it to Romney...didn't he, said the MSM....But like Billy Preston used to sing...”Nothin' from Nothin' leaves Nothin'...ya gotta have somethin', if ya wanna beat Obamaaaaaaaaaaa....” Okay, I added that last part.

The turnout in Colorado, Missouri and Minnesota, I believe....was less than 20% collectively. I heard it was actually around 2% in Colorado and 6% in Missouri...and the media reported that Santorum won 30% of the vote in Colorado!  30% of 2%. hmmmmmmmm....What's that, two registered voters and the janitor walking through the room.

“Nothin' from Nothin' leaves nothin'”

Today, the MSM has Frothy surging based on the latest poll numbers. That's the word they are using...SURGING! And they say, Romney's about to lose his home state of Michigan...not that he lives there...Daddy Romney...you know the one born in Mexico...used to be governor of Michigan...Stiff er Mitt grew up there...I wouldn't call it his state...but the MSM describes it as such, so I'll run with that.

Okay, say this scenario plays out with Santorum barebacking Romney, to win the nomination. Do ya really think the rest of us will open wide and swallow? Hmmmmmm?

Frothy absolutely hates women. He is a general in the GOP war on women. According to his book, he is against women working outside the home. He doesn't think we need birth control or contraception. He says we must carry our rapists baby to termination regardless of the circumstance surrounding conception.

He sided with Komen against Planned Parenthood.

I would imagine he probably doesn't think that rape is a crime based on his past statements.

He has no stated use for Black people, Hispanic people, LGBT people or poor people. I would guess that if by some quirk of fate that he does make it to the White House those FEMA concentration camps will suddenly be put to use for those of us not of anglo saxon or aryan origin.

He is against marriage equality and civil rights in general for anyone other than WASPS.

The last time Santorum ran for office he was an incumbent Congressman. It should be noted that he pissed off his district so badly that they turned him out of office by the largest margin ever for an incumbent to lose, in the history of this country.

And he hasn't changed. This year, he's doubled down on the BS that got him thrown out of office in the first place.

Yet a very small part of the GOP wants this guy to win and apparently the more sensible portions of the GOP are going to stand back and let happen. And the MSM is missing the big picture of what is going on.

I say “oh well.”

Maybe the GOP moderates are actually going to cross the line and vote for Obama..that couldn't happen...could it?

National polls are indicating that this scenario may play out regardless of who wins the GOP nomination.

"Frothy Toast"....good name for a B-grade porn star...bad name for a president...

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