Open Letter to Stupid Women

Dear Dummies,

I'm talkin' to all of you women who stand by your man, your significant others, your butch wives, and your father's dum-azz political party and church, while they persist in doing stupid stuff that may injure you, your children and other women.


Let me ramble on a bit about just how twisted is your continued support of these throw backs to the Jurassic period.

Birth Control and contraception will be free starting next year unless the Grand Old Party changes things with its newest and latest amendment. This GOP amendment once again takes us out of the equation by making birth control a decision made for us by our employers, would you believe.

Now, I don't know about you, but I wouldn't trust my boss to decide the color of the toilet paper I use in my bathroom, let alone, let him decide when I can use birth control and have family planning services.

The new amendment would allow employers to deny ANY SERVICE that THEY find morally objectionable to their female employees. I spotlight women because I don't hear Bosses or Congressmen, for that matter, writing laws to ban erectile dysfunction drugs or any service that may interrupt health services for men.

This amendment is a return to the old days...before the passage of the Affordable Health Care Law. This amendment is not limited to religious organizations such as the Catholic Church. It is so broad that it applies to everybody. Any employer who wants to keep from paying for health care for female workers need only claim that birth control “bothers” his conscience and he or she, can keep it out of the plan.

Child birth is still the number one killer of women in the world and that includes the so called enlightened island known as the United States of America. A legal abortion is safer than child birth, but the fanatics of the right always seem to overlook that fact. As long as the fetus lives, they don't care what happens to mommy. They only care about the rights they choose to convey on a lump of cells growing inside a woman's body at certain times of her life.

I like babies too. But not everyone is cut out to be a mother. We are far past the time when giving birth is a necessity.

And, ladies, this amendment goes further. Say it passes and becomes law. Now it becomes not only law but a precedent for other “exclusions” such as your boss decides one day that you are too fat, or you haven't quit smoking fast enough, or your HIV/AIDS medications are “morally objectionable.” What cha gonna do, hmmmmmmmm?

Thank you John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Eric Cantor and Congressman Blunt.

And back to the idiots you live with...you know...the ones who are kicking your ass on a regular basis because they don't have the balls to hit back when their boss takes a swing at them.

These same republicans are working to cancel out all domestic violence laws.

Last summer, you will recall Congress tried to change the definition of rape...to make it NOT rape. That was quickly shot down by sensible heads. Well now the Violence Against Women Act is up for reauthorization and the knuckle draggers don't want to reauthorize.


Because parts of the law were rewritten to reflect the times. In other words the law has been changed to cover same sex relationships in addition to straight relationships.

It means your boyfriend or your butch wife can't knock you around without legal consequence. The police must step in and treat you equally under the law. In addition, the neanderthals of the right want to reduce funding and disband the office within the Justice Department charged with overseeing regulation of domestic violence and sexual assault cases.

Preventive health services and domestic violence are woman things and as such are not important to our representatives in Congress. They don't care about us, unless we speak up.

But I'm not pissed off at them. I'm pissed off at you, the women who continually allow these idjits to hurt us...to deny us the services we need to live...to trade us in for a young, perkier model when the mood suits them. We suffer....our kids suffer...We as women, are better than this....aren't we?

It is time to stop suffering from their stupidity. It is time to take responsibility. Hell if we don't they are going to blow this world up and then where will we be?

Wake the fuck up!

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