Friday Rap, February 2012-Life, Death and Insufferable Arrogance

So much insanity...so little time..

The wing nuts of the pseudo-religious right came all the way out of the closet on Thursday to publicly worship their god....and no...it wasn't Jesus....it was the DICK...That thing that makes a man, a man...After watching these idolators hurl themselves on the almighty penis, now I understand why men go around holding themselves...It's to keep the lifegiver safe, apparently..

Life begins at conception, they tell us, when sperm meets egg.....DICK worship....

A few states with these DICK worshippers in control forced through new laws mandating that the little swimmers must be allowed to impregnate at will, or women and doctors will face criminal consequences....

WHOA! Sounds like rape to me....but then...didn't they try to change the definition of rape...to make it not rape, before they got to this “personhood thingey?”

Reducing everything...no matter what....incestuous father...rapacious neighbor...abusive and drunken husband....to situations of simply having sex...and not rape...frees men up to be...well, men.

Women don't enter into the equation except as receptacles for the holy sperm and bearers of future offspring.

Fortunately, saner heads prevailed in Congress on this...but that was just a battle..the war on women continues unabated, with more states, including Ohio taking up the issue in the coming weeks...

So, what next, the canonization of erections, as Bill Maher suggested on his show, last night? Well, now that you mention it......

This week's piece de resistance was delivered on Capital Hill, Thursday, when Congressman Darryl Issa unleashed hell by holding a committee hearing on birth control and contraception and had the audacity to say it did not concern women.


It was a religious issue, he said. Not a woman's issue. Women have nothing to do with birth control, according to Issa.

No women allowed to testify...only men...most of them clerics...Catholics and Lutherans who know so much about American women, their habits, lifestyles and health practices. There were no female clerics who could speak to the issue?

Question....if it's a religious issue...and we have a constitution mandating separation of church and state....isn't Issa's hearing illegal in the first place?

And once we answer that question we can move onto the blatant discrimination practiced by Mr. Issa and his oh so christian choir boys.

Just sayin'

Why don't we just cut the dumb shit and hold the election today, tomorrow...sometime in the next week...

Put this exercise in ignorance and arrogance to rest...


This has been a tough week to get through considering we've lost two giants of the entertainment industry.

Don Cornelius, Soul Train creator, was laid to rest on Wednesday after apparently killing himself last week.

On Saturday Whitney Houston will be eulogized and buried not too far from her father, following a private memorial in her home town.

RIP Mr. Cornelius and Ms. Houston. Both of you touched my life in ways that you will never know.

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