Gingrich and More Fake Piety from the Phony Christians

Let's get real, there is no war on religion.

This fake ass sanctimonious outcry from the so called right is as bogus as the day is long. In mandating better health care choices for women, the Obama administration is under fire from the same men (primarily white, fake christian men) who brought you the idea that same sex marriage is a danger to heterosexual marriages.

And yes, it is men, those who control the catholic church, those who control other factions of the pseudo-christian right wing as well as those who hate President Obama, who are crying the loudest, by claiming that new federal ruling violates their religious convictions.


Please tell me how the law violates your religious convictions, if you have them, they are carved in stone, right? So please tell me how a health care mandate for women, stands between you and your belief in your god?

Inquiring minds want to know.

The new law doesn't say you have to practice birth control. It doesn't say you have to use the morning after pill after you have sex. Hell, it doesn't even force you to have sex. You have the right to abstain. Isn't that what the all knowing Bishops and religious types tell all women and kids...abstain until you get married? The new federal rule simply makes more choices available to women, for their health, because frankly, women are the ones who need to make these choices. Men don't...never have....never will...Men don't die from child birth...women do.

How many guys do you know who stop the sex act because they forgot the condom. The first question at the first sign of pre-coitus interruptus is usually...”ain't you on the pill?” It has always been the woman's burden, just like the kid created before and after its born.

Do ya'll think Newt Gingrich has been celibate or lacking birth control options during his three marriages and god knows how many affairs. Allegedly, Callista is still in her 40's is she on birth control or does Newt carry a cache of Trojans in his pocket?

What about Ricky Santorum? If they're not using birth control, why doesn't he have a family to rival the Duggars instead of a measly 7 offspring?

And what about Mitt. Same thing applies. What's he got...five kids. Somebody's violating a whole lot of religious stricture, aren't they? Well, when he was governor, he signed a mandate just like this, almost word for word. Stood up to Catholic bishops and religious institutions that got their draws in a knot. Guess it's only bad when Obama does it.

28 States already have this mandate on the books. Women are going to do what they need to do, quietly and out of sight of all the uproar kicked up by their partners.

As an example to the blatant hypocrisy of the fake christian right, take the law proposed by a state senator in Oklahoma, which is currently wrestling with a personhood proposal. Lawmakers, there, want to define life as beginning at conception;

The concept of “personhood” defines human life as beginning at the moment of conception according to the Oklahoma SB1433... that the resulting fetus “at every stage of development (has) all the rights, privileges, and immunities available to other persons, citizens, and residents of this state.”

Oklahoma State Senator Constance Johnson proposed to amend the law with a clause that also grants the same equality to every sperm, making them “sacred so to speak.” It holds men equally accountable for procreation.

However, any action in which a man ejaculates or otherwise deposits semen anywhere but in a woman’s vagina shall be interpreted and construed as an action against an unborn child.” - Johnson amendment.

If left in the bill, this clause would outlaw male masturbation, anal sex (doggie style, for those needing translation), sex with condoms, all forms of fellatio to completion (blow jobs), as well as numerous other acts. 

Girlfriend then turned around and withdrew the amendment as her male colleagues breathed a collective sigh of relief..not that it had a chance of becoming law. It does point out the total stupidity of these laws, that weigh heavily and completely on women while allowing men to escape most if not all of their responsibility. 

One final thought....

98% of catholics practice birth control and when polled 58% of all catholics liked the Obama health mandate....'nough said.

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