Newt “Sho I'm a Ho” Gingrich

Oh he is soooooooooooooooooo GHETTO! Tryin' to pretend that he is "to the manor born."  Please!

Gingrich's dramatic performance at last night's GOP debate was classic Hood Rat behavior.

We all have Hood Rats in our family...you know those fools who face you dead on after they've done their latest doo, and bare-face lie to you! They know they did it...you know they did it...and they know that you know they did it...BUT THEY FACE YOU AND LIE TO YOU ANYWAY, because they believe you will give into their wishes, like you've done in the past..

Hood Rats believe that no matter the transgression...they will be forgiven and allowed to continue living in a world of their own making, with no consequences.

They always signal the lie....“Now what had happen was....” Hood Rat plain and simple opening statement....He's lyin'.....Ho-speak for get ready for a story..

Newt's got the indignant anger down pat....He stares in the camera...gets very red, white and terse on his responses....answers like he's the victim...

“My ex wife is lying!......I did not ask her for an open marriage!”

Kinda rings like...”I did not have sex with that woman” doesn't it.

And you know what the most aggravating part of this whole charade is...the crowds...made up of similarly situated, so called christian individuals...standing up and giving this fool a raucous ovation...There is always a Greek chorus...Hood rats always, always travel in packs..

They cheered him, the hypocrites....Lays proof to the belief...any white man will do in 2012..

13 years after he screwed over his second wife to cavort and then marry his third..”Sho I'm Ho” Gingrich is still telling others how to live their lives. “Sho” was one of the first to sign that phony pledge to uphold heterosexual marriage...

“Sho” wants to instill bigotry into the Constitution in the form of an amendment banning same sex marriage...guess he feels the sanctity of his own is in jeopardy....

He says Mitt “Max Headroom” Romney is not tough enough on abortion, and that Ricky the Pope Santorum is not conservative enough...

And he has the audacity to lecture Black people about everything including moral values, religion and work ethics, delivered with all the condescending master to slave imagery that he's read about in his history books.

Classic, classic, classic ghetto behavior...

Newt “Sho I'ma Ho” Gingrich is angry that he is being called on his HO-ish tendencies, but he is not contrite, nor is he sorry. He's just pissed off that at least some of the people are calling him out on his shit.

Because, you know that is what eventually happens with Hood Rats...they get called on their shit...finally....And it usually begins with the phrase...

.”Nigga please...”

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