Health Care Law-Let's Talk About it

Well, the three days of Supreme Court arguments are over, and I wish I felt optimistic about the outcome, but frankly, I'm nervous. The deck has been stacked against we the people from jump and it wouldn't surprise me one bit to see this court throw out the Affordable Health Care Law entirely.

Take for example, the individual mandate clause, which has been the main point of contention. The GOP and its teabagger mini-mes refused to even consider it when the measure, now law, was being argued on Capital Hill.

That was particularly strange since it was conceived by the GOP think tank, The Heritage Foundation and promoted by every GOP legislator, including three of the four currently running for president, prior to 2008. One of them named Mitt actually wrote it into his health care law when he was governor of Massachusetts.

You would think that when Barack Obama embraced this singularly conservative republican idea, that the GOP would have happily supported him in the bi-partisan manner of governance.

Did they? Hell no! They've been fighting it ever since President Obama said it was a good idea for the people. Makes ya think, it is not about the law, it's about the Black man in the White House.

And now, it is at the Supreme Court. A Supreme Court where one justice and his wife are actually on the payroll of that same Heritage Foundation, which has argued vigorously in favor of throwing out the individual mandate because it now says its “baby” is unconstitutional.

Question....if the individual mandate is unconstitutional today...why was it not unconstitutional when it was a republican idea?

It's a sure bet that Justice Clarence will do his dirty work behind the scenes because as has become typical, Thomas has not opened his mouth in open court these past few days. If the Justices do strike down the law, Thomas will have earned his tainted lucre.

I'm sure wifey-poo Ginny will be so proud of her man.

So what happens if the Affordable Health Care Law is struck down? Do the Repubs have a plan?

Well, no they don't. Not one of them who has taken to the airwaves to call for the law to be struck down have a plan. They just want it gone.

If it does go...

So does allowing parents to cover their kids on their insurance until aged 26.

So does coverage for children and people with pre existing conditions...insurance will once again be allowed to deny coverage.

So does the Medicaid expansion that was to be used to give health coverage to the 45-million people who don't have it.

So does the mandate requiring insurance companies to use most of the money collected from premiums to go to medical costs for consumers.

So does free contraception, birth control and other preventive services for women.

So do the mandates requiring restaurants and food companies to tell us what it is they put in our food.

Striking down Affordable Health Care means that men can still buy viagra or ciallis....

It means that Congressmen will still have their health care without penalty.

It means that the insurance companies and the drug companies, for that matter will not be reined in on cost, which will go up and up unregulated.

SUPCO has promised to issue its ruling in late June.

I'm not holding my breath.

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