Pink Slime to Stressed Out Chickens-Is Eating Meat Too Dangerous?

Right on the heels of the argument about pink slime or “finely chopped lean beef” additives in our hamburger, comes two studies today talking about the stuff in your chicken.

We already know that chicken nuggets are made from some kind of pink frothy stuff that looks more like soft serve ice cream than chicken. Now comes word that Big Agra is pumping the birds it sells for consumption with drugs.

Specifically, arsenic, benadryl, Tylenol, caffeine, prozac, and cipro (antibiotic) are being fed to the birds, the ones that we eat.


Well, the arsenic makes the meat pink and more appetizing to the eye, according to the industrial farmers. Benadryl, Tylenol and Prozac, according to the study published by Environmental Science and Technology, are used to calm chicken nerves. This is because stressed out birds make for tough meat and consumers don't like tough meat.

So the Big Agra solution is to dope the birds.

The caffeine, along with green tea powder is reportedly used to keep the birds awake so they will eat more.

But the antibiotics are flat out illegal. Scientists who did the study speculate that this is why virus' are becoming immune to antibiotics...In other words humans are building up deadly tolerances to the meds that might otherwise cure them, due to these illegal drugs in the food.

The scientists who did the studies found out about the illegal stuff by testing chicken feathers, because feathers like fingernails are a repository for what the body has ingested.

And in all fairness most of the doped up birds seem to be coming from China, which means you need to check the chicken package before you put it in your cart.

I found this out when buying fish from Kroger (yeah, I'm naming names). Most of Kroger's bulk fish, (tilapia, cod, salmon) comes from China. It's labeled, so it's not illegal.

Ya need to check your veggies too, found some broccoli from China, as well. I generally buy the big frozen bags. However I make sure they say grown in the USA.

As for this chicken...I switched to Amish chicken, when I do buy it, and the only time I buy ground beef is to mix into my dog's dry food. I have come to accept that fact that while I try to be a vegetarian, but it only lasts for a couple of weeks at a time. Then I want some meat. I do without meat five of seven days per week, every week.

It has come to the point when I do crave, I cook it myself and buy local, organic or Amish. No processed foods, or fast food.

You can keep Big Agra....I'm not gonna let my food kill me...

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