Like Hell! Ann Romney Don't Speak for Me

Let's get this straight....no matter what stance her husband takes in the current war on women in America...and it does exist...Ann Romney will always come out smelling like a rose.

She will always be able to choose her path, easily, thanks to her husband. She did what American women are taught to do....marry early and marry well...she did that with Mitt.

Choice is what most women in America do not have and will not have if Ann Romney's husband gets elected president of the United States.

Thanks to Mitt, she had the choice of how many children to have. She had the choice of where to educate them. She had the choice of whether or not to utilize nannies. She had the choice of which house to raise them in. She had the choice of what and when to feed them. She has a full time staff to keep the house neat and clean for Willard and his friends.

If Ann Romney ever decided to have an abortion...we would never, ever know it. Her family medical care has been paid for by taxpayers for a lot of her married life, at least while Mitt was a governor.

If Ann Romney decided to divorce her multi millionaire husband, she would be set for the rest of her life. No financial worries ever.

My point is....that Ann Romney may have been a stay at home Mom....but it was in the lap of luxury the whole time...wrapped in choice. She didn't have to do it...be a stay at home mom,,,that is...

Most women cannot step away from their lives if and when they choose. They may marry well...choose well....but a divorce or separation from their spouse can leave them treading water below the poverty line. 

Let's not even get into accidental babies...products of rape or incest or a drunken night out with the neighborhood frat boy.

Ann's hubby wants to make it impossible for most women to family plan, control the size of their families, utilized preventive medicine to stay healthy, or get paid a living wage that equals the wage given men in the work force for the same job.

And I keep hearing about how appealing is Ann Romney. Appealing to who? Romney is the fulfillment of the Sarah Palin legacy...Pretty by GOP standards...but pretty much DOA for the rest of us.

Hillary Rosen had nothing to apologize for....let's move on shall we....

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