Romney vs Obama

Well, it's on...

What with Pope Ricky opting to go home rather than risk defeat in his home state, and King of the World Gingrich bouncing $500 checks and the Hobbit opting to wear his elven cloak of invisibility 24/7...looks like the GOP has a winna!

Willard Mitt Romney...come on down!

All that really remains is who is going to be Romney's running mate. Several names have been put forth and a few are actually campaigning for the dubious distinction. Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell comes to mind, but that would simply be boredom squared.

Can't be a woman though...already been done and badly....besides the top GOP ladies all have voted against every women's issue that has gone before Congress lately. And SC Governor Nikki can't get her facts straight when talking about her sorors and female gender issues...”No war on women” Governor please!

No guesses here. We will get the answer soon enough. I can wait.

Today simply marks the first official day of the Romney versus Obama scrum, otherwise known as the 2012 election.

Romney's inability to talk to women has been on display for weeks now. He has his wife talk for him to women, rather than talk directly to us and quite frankly, I don't like that. It's as though we women are all in that “little woman” category. You know how back in the day, when men didn't talk to women or relate to them on any level except a sexual level.

Wives were on the pedestal. Other women were on their backs. No woman was allowed to speak unless spoken to, always to be sent out of the room when they had fulfilled whatever the desire of their lord and master happened to be at the moment.

But then, he can't relate to Hispanic people, or Black people or poor people either. I mean, “Arizona should be the model for the rest of the country when it comes to immigration policy!” Really? I mean really?

If he delegates his wife to talk to the “weaker sex” who is he going to designate to talk to Black people....the chocolate version of dumb and dumber, Allen West and Herman Cain?

Tea Party likes em...but then they absolutely loved Sarah Palin, too.

We all know Marco Rubio is the HHIC...but maybe Romney will bring back Dubya or his namesake nephew, the spanish speaking one.

That's not too far fetched because Romney has already hired half of Shrub's foreign policy and economics crew to advise him.

Toss in Turdblossom and his Crossroads GPS SuperPac and you've got the George W Bush White House, version number 3.

Can end days, armageddon or the real rapture be far behind?

My head hurts just thinking about it.

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