Penis Tax, an Idea Whose Time as Come

 Originally published 3/28/2010

The need for dick insurance in America...

The United States is in the midst of celebrating a massive achievement for the people. Health care is finally the law of the land after nearly a century of refusing to address the problem. For women however, the war on our bodies and our control of self, continues unabated. This bill, while a big improvement, is not true health care reform for women.

Men have always been able to use their health insurance to pay for Viagra. Erectile dysfunction is considered a serious ailment for men. Women, however, have to buy birth control out of their own pocket with no help from the insurance companies because birth control is not considered medicinal. Pregnancy and women's health issues are still not covered.

Okay, pregnancy is no longer a pre-existing condition. Birth control pills are used for other health situations besides preventing birth.  But the right to choose is still controversial and under attack by those who claim to be pro life.

They are not.

Pregnancy remains the number one killer of women in America and the world.

Rape is still the weapon of choice used to control or to harm women.

Denying education, and birth control is still standard practice in America and the rest of the universe. In this case there is no difference between the practices of organized American religions and those of the Taliban, and other Eastern extremists religions.

What is going on in Africa, for instance, where women are being brutally raped day after day is being covertly approved of and egged on by American evangelicals who have found fertile ground for their virulent brand of Christianity that seeks to contain and destroy not only women but gays and lesbians seeking equality. The term in Africa is “corrective rape,” used to “change” lesbians into straight women. Impregnating women is a god given right and a sport second only to soccer in magnitude.

Corrective rape is gang rape plied for hours and hours at a time regardless of a woman's orientation.

Despite the so called religious stance, there is not one clause, psalm or phrase or teaching in the Bible that speaks to abortion or the right to choose...not one...

This argument has been going on for centuries and looks like it is going to continue for a while. So I have a solution.

It's time to rein in the royal member...Let's tax the penis. The days of free range dickery must come to an end.

If a man wants to have sex, to create a baby or to just have fun..He should have to face consequences, just like women.

Henry or Lucifer or Big Bob...whatever he names it, should be gift wrapped in latex as a sign of active responsibility. If he wants sex, then a condom is mandatory. Big Bob needs wrap it up or pay a fine for any inadvertent emissions that result in life.

Because if life does in fact begin at conception, then men need to really, really recognize exactly what that means. No more paying lip service to pseudo religious, non scientific fantasy.

If one egg can get a woman in trouble...then so too should one little active swimmer sperm for men.

Men should have to carry a Penis bond card, or proof of dick insurance in their wallet right next to the jimmy, amounting to $500,000. If he impregnates somebody, she gets the money for the resulting child.  Failure to support your creation should be considered assault, punishable by imprisonment.

It takes about half a million dollars to raise one of those little buggers to the age of 18 these days, with 99% of the hassle falling on women. Guys lay down, take their pleasure and then hide behind DNA tests, because they always assume that women are doing it to someone else, too.

Men love to play the victim when it comes to accidental children, denying as long as they can get away with it.

If the man has dick insurance there is no need to chase him down for child support. That becomes a money saver. Think of all the court procedures and police actions and domestic relations happenings that would no longer be necessary.

May even save the lives of some women, because dying during childbirth is not the only thing that pregnancy causes Many men simply kill their sex partners when they get pregnant.

A penis tax might save some lives. It is infinitely more pro life than what is going on now.
The late great feminist, attorney Flo Kennedy said: If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament."
She didn't lie.
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