Another GOP Bimbo Eruption

The Republican Party has become Amazon Country...the party of real, imaginary women and girly men.

John McCain had absolutely no idea what he was about to start when he chose that fresh faced Sarah Palin as his running mate back in 2008. The “babe” as Mount Rushbaugh called her at the time, was totally unqualified to be tapped as a candidate for vice president, and most pundits figured her selection was merely McCain's way of giving up without having to actually say, “no mas.”

The election was a landslide that republicans continue to this day, to spin as a close race, that Palin/McCain almost won, making Palin a household name instead of relegating her to the fate of trivia question answer as is the fate of most VP's successful or otherwise.

Looking back, the only thing really new about the Palin choice was the fact that she was a real live girl instead of the girly men of recent GOP history, like Dan Quayle or George W. Except for gender, both of these less than he man types have more in common with the intellectually challenged Palin then they did with the rugged Ronald Reagan or even George the first variations on the usual vanilla masters of the universe theme.

Nobody on the GOP side cared if these dimmer than usual bulbs destroyed the world as they studied for their foreign affairs policy credentials, and they were apparently willing to let Sarah study on the job as well, witness her continuing occupation of center stage these days.

Now comes 2010, and the Bimbo Eruption is on full blast. The original and real live Bimbo having decided to make money and to play kingmaker instead of be king, proving that she may not be as dumb as we all like to think, is being cloned. The GOP is looking for a new “Sarah” that looks, acts, talks and feels exactly like the original.

Fresh out of Delaware and in competition for the seat vacated by Joe Biden comes Christine O'Donnell, the latest teabagger heart throb. O'Donnell couldn't be elected dog catcher, let alone US Senator, if you listened to the pre election hype. Yet, somehow she managed to upset a veteran republican for Biden's old seat.

Christine was endorsed by the prototype and shares similar views, meaning she is an abstinance candidate among other things, going so far as to say that masturbation should be illegal and adultery a crime.

Adultery a crime? No wonder she doesn't sit well with the regular honchos of the GOP. But Lady Sarah is happy, no doubt, since another of her “mini-mes” has emerged victorious. Wonder if Sarah will introduce Chrissy to her witch doctor? Oh wait, Chrissy had one on the podium behind her last night, except she called him her lawyer.

But it must be remembered that this is just a primary. In other words it was a family quarrel. It wasn't the battle or the war. She still has to face the “other America.” You know, those of us who don't belong in this country according to their faction of the GOP. Truth be told, she probably would not have won if the GOP members had turned out to vote, which they didn't.

Because like all of these “teabagger victories” nobody is turning out to vote. Something that the MSM fails to put into perspective. The wins are minority wins from within the minority. If 50% of those eligible took part, then it might have been significant, maybe. But in all cases...from Joe Miller in Alaska, to Sharron Angle in Nevada, to Nikki what's her name in South Carolina, to Rand Paul in Kentucky, to Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman in California...nobody is turning out to vote...But this is normal for primaries in America. Party faithful elect the candidates, while the electorate chooses the winners.

So to recap we have the Drama Queen from Wasilla begetting Nikki Haley, the maybe adultress from the Palmetto State who begat Rand Paul the clueless from Kentucky, who begat Sharron “I see aliens everywhere” Angle from the desert, who begat Joe “please don't make me drive” Miller from Alaska, who begat Christine the giant killer from Delaware.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm....Who's in trouble in November, again?
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