Friday Rap

All the polls....you know those conducted by the professional pollsters among likely voters come November....in other words...all those people who still have land lines, are usually over the age of 60, overwhelmingly white and non hispanic and vote republican...tallying no more than 1000 people max....

Those polls say....Democrats don't have a snow balls chance in hell of winning anything in November.

Yep...they say it's going to be just like back in the day when Barry Goldwater swept to power...Ohio is going to lose its democratic Governor....all of its democratic representatives and gain a new GOP senator.....

Obama is going to be totally embarrassed and put back in his place....yeah..that's the ticket...and then, come 2012, they are going to take back the White House, too....can ya dig it?

I got one question.....Do ya'll really think ...all 16% of you.... that all black people, all brown people, all gay people, all native Americans, and all sensible progressives are going to stay home on Election Day?

Just askin'


Up in Delaware...one day after Pandora climbs out of her box..... Palin clone, Christine O'Donnell tries to put a lid on some of that other stuff that was in the box with her....things like masturbation is the same as adultery...or gay people are scum (does that include her sister, too?).....or you can legislate morality....People who like legislating morality usually like being called “dear leader” or “dur fuhrer” too.

One day after O'Donnell wins all the GOP is sucking up to her in their efforts to return to power. Goes to show the politics of the GOP is nothing about the people, but all about the power.

No surprise on the Karl Rove flip flop...He's spent his entire professional life kissing somebody's ass...usually male...but you do what you gotta do to live down to the nickname Turdblossom (another name for a stinky fart)

But back to Christine...

Question: Why can't a good christian girl find a good christian man? Girlfriend is single..even her gay sister has a girlfriend...what's up with that? Maybe she should a been a nun...married Jesus...

Question #2: what up with all these pictures used by the MSM of girlfriend with her mouth wide open? Looks like an audition for the part of Linda Lovelace in the Deep Throat movie. Thought Lohan had that wrapped up?

Is this a subliminal message about how guys really think of Palin and her army of cheerleader clones?


Did you know that “Kenyan” is this week's code word for nigger.....as in Kenyan Anti Colonial World View? ….it's another way of saying “that nigga's crazy” without saying it that way...


Bill Maher gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and drops the N word during an interview with Larry King....BFD...I mean...it's Bill Maher, right. He makes his living being controversial and besides he dates hood rats which makes him in his mind a card carrying member of the black community, soooo let's move on shall we...


Acid attack girl did it to herself......so what is this Munchausen Syndrome without proxy? Should have known it was fake from jump....the sunglasses were just too convenient.....and what about the chick in Arizona? Is that one phony, too?


Pope Benny is in Great Britain this week....likens atheists to Nazis.....I thought Nazis were nationalistic and xenophobic...not atheists...besides wasn't Benny a Nazi when he was younger?

And he's still pretending he had nothing to do with the priest abuser scandal raging for decades with the church..


Sacha Baron Cohen to play Freddie Mercury in a Queen Bio-pic? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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