And This One Belongs to the GOP!

Boehner wants Republicans to have credit for Iraq....Okay!

The Congressman from Oompa Loompa land, John Boehner, gave a speech yesterday, attempting to preempt the President's speech on Iraq, last night. He of the terminal orange glow billed his talk to the American Legion National Convention as a major policy address. This was Boehner's second attempt at major policy in the past couple of weeks.

We all know he expects to be Speaker of the House, come November 3rd. After all, he's been telling us this for months, now.

Boehner wants to remind us that our president was against the surge in Iraq, and that the GOP should be given the credit for the strategy. Fine!

"Some leaders who opposed, criticized, and fought tooth and nail to stop the surge strategy now proudly claim credit for the results. One in the US House of Representatives declared the surge a failure before it was even implemented...Today we mark not the defeat those voices anticipated--but progress. And I want to thank President Obama for setting aside his past political rhetoric and recognizing the importance of the surge and the diplomatic agreement signed by President Bush and Prime Minister Maliki."-John Boehner
Go ahead, John, take all the credit, every stinking bit of it. Today marks the first day since March, 2003 that America has not been at war in Iraq, since the NeoCons of the GOP decided to pillage the country and take down Saddam Hussein, for no apparent reason.
Oh they gave us several reasons.....from being involved in the conspiracy on 9/11....to the need to confiscate Hussein's invisible weapons of mass destruction....to bringing democracy to the Middle East and Iraq was the first country to be democratized( new word-see what the snowbilly started)......finally to Saddam is a bad guy who hates Americans and needs to die.....
No mention of Osama Bin Laden...you know, the guy who has the penthouse overlooking Central Park and hates everything American.
But the Boehner led GOP is welcome to take credit for him, too. They armed him and the Taliban, after all. The real secret in Afghanistan is that we're fighting ourselves..but that's another story for another day.
Obama should take credit for what was accomplished in Iraq. He successfully brought home the hundreds of thousands of American troops who busted their ass for us in a terrible war that never should have been. The President rightfully honored these men and women for their seven and a half years of sacrifice, while the rest of us whined and moaned over the antics of Jon and Kate plus 8 or the Mormon boy with the magic underwear named Glen Beck. We have that luxury thanks to the troops...4427 of whom will never walk this earth again...
The President also promised to take care of the veterans, a promise also made repeatedly by the GOP but rarely kept. Remember how screwed up and out of date Walter Reed Hospital was found to be in the middle of the Iraq fiasco?
Boehner and his GOP are welcome to take credit for all the phony reasons why we went there and all the stuff that followed as a result.
He is welcome to take credit for letting Afghanistan spin so out of control and into the mess it is now because of the fake war in Iraq.
The first Oompa Loompa is welcome to take credit for all the obtuse and logic defying rationales used by Bush and the rest of the GOP to justify their illegal actions.
Actions that have economically devastated this country and brought America to its knees.
So, you go boy! Jump in. While the rest of us turn the corner, you take
all the credit.

You guys really do own this one!
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