John Boehner-The Man Who Would be Speaker

Wants to kill social security, medicare and medicaid...
Kill health care reform...
and extend the Bush tax cuts to the tune of trillions of dollars added to the deficit

So who is this guy? He's been called the Orange one or the Oompa Loompa from Ohio. By virtual of his own admission, he'd rather be playing golf and in fact, has two country club memberships somewhere in West Chester, Ohio. He reportedly played 119 rounds last year. Sounds like he'd rather be Tiger Woods.

There are reports circulating that if you want to talk with John Boehner after 5pm you need to go to the nearest GOP waterhole, and check the bar. Don't know about that for sure, I do know he has Dean Martin eyes, but then Dean Martin was only a fake drunk. So draw your own conclusions about that rumor.

Officially, John Boehner is the GOP House Minority Leader in Congress. He represents the 8th District in Ohio, which is in suburban Cincinnati. He was born in Cincinnati and is one of 12 children as well as a graduate of Moeller High School when it was still an all boys school. Boehner is Catholic and conservative. Boehner told the Cincinnati Enquirer during a sit down interview yesterday, that he will kill the health care law, among other things. You can read it here.

Boehner's political career was born in a sex scandal...not his....Donald “Buz” Lukens...another GOP Congressman who couldn't keep his pants zipped. Back in 1989, while Boehner was still a state representative, Lukens got caught paying a 16 year old black girl to have sex with him. He reportedly gave her $40. A local TV station found the girl's mother and got her to confront the Congressman on camera.

At the time, the prosecutor said that Lukens had been having sex with the girl since she was 13, but he couldn't prove it, so he didn't bring the case at the time. Lukens was kicked out of Congress a few years later for accepting bribes.

Boehner won the run off for Lukens seat and has been in Congress ever since.

He's been super conservative as any good Moeller graduate would be, usually hypocritically so.

Boehner, was also party to another Republican sex scandal, when he admitted to an ethics panel knowing about Congressman Mark Foley's predilection for young male pages, almost a year before the story broke. The thing is, by this time Boehner was a member of the GOP ruling elite and in a position to do the right thing. But he didn't.

Instead of going to bat for the beleagured young pages and stopping Foley's sexual harrassment, Boehner did nothing, choosing to protect his fellow member by keeping quiet, until the story leaked.

It's interesting to note that Boehner just yesterday called for more investigation of Eric Massa the democrat who couldn't keep his hands off his male staffers. Massa has resigned, just like Foley did, back then. Massa was pushed to resign by the Democratic leadership, rather than stay quiet like Boehner and his boys did on Foley.

Since health care reform was passed by Congress, Boehner has been measuring himself against the President, seemingly testing the waters to see if the idea of a “President Boehner” would float. He's doing it covertly of course. Astute politician that he is, Boehner knows that presidential candidates have to have a personality, and a name that won't provoke instant gut busting laughter.

Speaker of the House Boehner is funny enough, but he is already measuring his office for new drapes to come after the GOP sweeps back into power in a few weeks...Boehner's prediction.

Never the less, he is making what he calls major policy addresses on the economy such as the speech he gave in Cleveland a few weeks back, where he presented his plan for economic recovery.

The Boehner Plan would cost taxpayers approximately $3.781 trillion throughout the following decade, according to the CBO (Congressional Budget Office).

This from a guy who says the deficit is already too big.
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