Brother Glen Beck-Gimme dat Ole Time Religion

So, now what's next. We have Glen Beck University where you can go an get your pseudo conservative, so called non racist cred on, complete with diploma suitable for framing.  Is the Glen Beck virtual online crystal cathedral next for the shock jock?

He already has enough acolytes, if his “I have a scheme” rally from this past Saturday is any indication. A CBS head count said there were 87,000 people in attendance. But Beck and company were pushing the number closer to half a million or 500,000 if you like zeros, and feeding the lie that the main stream media would downplay the true numbers, no matter what.

Whatever...there were a lot of people there....and it wasn't political, unless you count the appearance of a certain Snowbilly from Alaska braving the heat in the lower 48.

Note to Glen and Lady Sarah....since Sarah was half a governor....a vice presidential nominee...and is now playing kingmaker during the current political campaign season....you can't say your FOX funded rally and your appearance at said rally is not political.

Note to MG...Sarah, dahling...every day that you wake up is political....when you go for a run...it's political...your down syndrome baby is political....your baby momma-kid on Dancing with the Stars is political....your son in the military....who you trot out when convenient, is political.

I would quote Shakespeare, that old....Rose is a rose...happy horse pucky....but I doubt Momma Grizzly has heard of the Bard of Avalon. (note to Snow-Bard is another way of referring to good ole Will )

Good ole Beck has found god, apparently, and he wants to bring him to America with an office in the White House right next to the Oval Office, complete with yea or nay say on legislation....Saturday's gathering in Abraham Lincoln's lap was an old fashioned tent revival, the likes of which would have made Sister Aimee Semple McPherson proud.

Elmer Gantr- er Beck....was pacing and talking and talking and pacing...the only thing missing was the long unruly locks of hair that Burt Lancaster used to punctuate his Gantry portrayal in the movie....and every sentence segue way started and ended with god.....Whose god.....well....let's just say it wasn't the dark skinned Muhammed or even a loving, all inclusive tanned and curly haired Jesus of the bible, who was being invoked on Saturday.

These folks are still stuck on white man jesus, that hangs in every black church in America.

I'll be honest....I kept waiting for Maceo to run in from the wings with one of James Brown's old capes and throw it on him, so he could throw it back, grab the mic and implore the crowd to “git it on the good foot, good gawd! Uhn!”

And it was a visibly multi racial gathering this time. Beck was able to con a number of black coo-, uh conservative preachers, bent on keeping the Black community ignorant and locked in the 18th century to come onstage with him.

Beck even materialized a King...as in Martin Luther....to come, too. Only it was Alveda King....I think she is a reverend.....she's another one who misreads the Bible and doesn't understand what Jesus said. Her website preaches that prosperity gospel of grab all you can, so you can buy your way into heaven....unlike Jesus who was about owning no possessions and living off the kindness of strangers.... Given the way she butchered the reading of her uncle's “I have a dream speech,” she is probably an undiagnosed dyslexic or not comfortable with teleprompters, that tool of the devil and democrats.

But what really ticked me off was her attempt to get white people to sing “Lift Every Voice.” That was an absolute embarrassment...If you were gonna go there...why not get some crowd participation chanting going on with “say it loud, I'm black n I'm proud.”

It was a travesty that mocked the very legacy that this woman claims is hers by birth, and gives credence to the lie that the rally was not political or an attempt to hijack the civil rights movement...If it wasn't a hijacking...why invoke MLK at all.....

As we say in the ghetto...ya'll know ya'll was lyin'.....

Note to Alveda (I will not call you reverend, because you are just as much of a shyster as the Shock Jock) It's not the name or the legacy that makes you great...it's what you do with that name and your actions that elevate you. We don't need you to interpret the words of your uncle and your aunt, because their words are carved indelibly on our hearts.

You can't change their words or their meaning, no matter how many times you try. And don't think we didn't notice that direct insult and slap in the face to Coretta Scott King...She was his wife, whether you like it or not.

Rest assured, baby girl...if Jesus does comes back...he won't be looking for you or your boy, Glen. So take a seat and try to be quiet until Rapture time.

So, now what? The problem for people like Becky is that the next stunt has to be bigger than the last.

So, is walking on water next? Or some miracle cure?

What cha gonna do, Reverend Becky.....pray the ignorance out of the snow-billy and her/your followers?

Now, that is one miracle I would tune in to see....
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