Friday Rap

Black Farmers and Native Americans screwed again by Congress, which is still haggling over how to pay them. You can read it here.
Blame both sides of the aisle...the duplicitous GOP is evenly matched by spineless Democrats..


Post racial America
We're all now living in post racial America...we know this because the negro members of the Tea Party movement met this week in DC to tell us so....

Glad it's over...now I can go find a new white neighborhood to integrate...


Justice Kagan
Congratulations are in order for newly minted Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan. She was confirmed by the Senate on Thursday and will be sworn in tomorrow, becoming the third woman to sit on this Court, and the fourth in history.

Kagan, who has never been a judge clerked at one time for Thurgood Marshall, the first Black man appointed to the United States Supreme Court.

With three women on the bench....let the Supremes jokes commence....and you know they're coming!

Which one is gonna be Diana...

Prop 8 jettisoned
This was good week for the LGBT community with a federal judge in California striking down Prop 8. The battle is not over, however. There is an appeal in the works which will send the issue to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which will probably send it on to the United States Supreme Court for final determination.

Wonder how our President really feels about this...Obama is on record as supporting civil unions for gays, but not marriage. His congratulations on this past week's decision was tepid at best.

Yet, he needs the votes....so what's a guy to do? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Stand on perverted principle that denies the rights of some citizens relegating them to second class....or agree to disagree and join the push for equality....

Only time will tell.


This story confuses me. According to the article, the government is deciding whether or not to allow genetically modified salmon to be sold to the public as food.

The salmon grows to maturity in 18 months rather than the normal 36 months.

Well, we've been eating chickens and turkeys for years that grows in half the normal time and the human population is suffering as a result...........this poultry is altered so that it grows so much white breast meat that the birds can't even walk...

yet the government is hyperventilating over fish....

Frankenfood has been with us for decades...what's new about that...

God Hates fags and so does Target

Seems the ACDC big box store loves to look very festive in its national advertising...however....it takes all that disposable gay income and channels it to right wing nut job organizations...

Including helping the Mormons fund Prop 8 which was struck down earlier this week..

Not nice Target!

You been busted....never see me darken your door again...or Best Buy either...for that matter.

Your sorta apology....not accepted...


Sylvester kicking off the weekend....feeling very festive!

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