It's Only Socialism When We Say it Is

More GOP hypocrisy on health care reform...

I'm still stuck on this health care reform thing, since it affects me so personally. Without going into detail, I'm one of those uninsurables because I have a pre-existing condition.

And although I'm sometimes extremely easy....I'm never cheap...If you want to change my mind, then give me something to change my mind for...

Meaning, if the GOP can offer me a better solution...I will be more than happy to take it...

So what is the republican health care reform plan...the one they've waited until now to reveal, when they would've had an easier time of it when they controlled the White House and Congress. Hell, we could all of had GOP health reform a long time ago...

I can only guess that it wasn't so important to help the people. W and Darth were too busy fighting terrorists and spending or stealing our money, depending on your point of view.

The fat cats on wall street were too busy bilking the public of massive amounts of money to care or to worry about whether the population was chaffing under the strain of a lousy health care system..

During his speech yesterday at the National Press Club, Michael Steele talked about the GOP health plan:

1.It proposes online posting of prices and outcomes for tests and procedures
2.It offers a single simple billing form
3.A paperless health care system
4.Emphasis on preventive care
5.Portability of health coverage between jobs.

All five of these Grand Old Party proposals, as put forth by their chairman Steele are contained in the Democratic bill currently working its way through Congress...

That's the Democratic bill that the GOP, and others are claiming is a Socialistic measure designed to take away our freedoms..

Steele even called it Socialism in the same speech, yesterday, right after he listed the items of his proposal....He said the Democrats are attempting to turn us toward Socialism.

How...and Why is it only Socialism when the Democrats say it?

If you look at what Steele said yesterday....both sides seemingly want the same thing....Isn't or shouldn't that lead to bipartisan cooperation?

Or is the real game....get the Black man in the White House and return him to his place...

Still governing like they think all of us are stupid..

Changing the subject a little bit....

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