Friday Rap

Nominees for the “Walking Wastes of Oxygen Award"

The Obama Administration-for not killing DADT, while yet another gay naval officer dies while serving his country...brutally killed on base here in the US....shot three times...his body burned to hide the crime...Rod 2.0

The Cincinnati Enquirer-shrinking and now disappearing, will anyone notice?

Charles Krauthammer- (future Hall of Famer) Usually wrong and continually unrepentant about his ongoing obtuseness...

    Sarah Palin-Make no mistake about the naked Emperess, she quit for the money..no other reason, Alaska be damned

    Representative Peter King- Me thinks he dost protest too much about everything...can't wait to see his skeletons come falling out of his closet

    Blue Dog Democrats- Don't want a public option on health care, then don't take it, but leave the rest of us alone. Choice and competition.. isn't that capitalism...we have choice, your business buddies say they thrive on competition...or do they? Isn't it just more of they want to get paid and damn the consumer...isn't that the real capitalism at work?

    John Ensign- Man, those are some cojones...gets Daddy and Mommie to pay for his mistress, all the while playing holier than thou Christian Congressman leading the “do as I say, not as I do”crowd..

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III- 2009 congressional version of Strom Thurmond and ranking bigot on Capital Hill, except he doesn't have a Black daughter hidden somewhere, does he?

Audra Shay- a walking example that racism is taught....too young to have experienced the 1960's, all the while continuing to live in a bigoted time warp perpetuating the thinking of past generations. She represents the cluelessness that permeates the GOP.

Bill O'Reilly- bigot with a mic who apparently hasn't yet received the email....that old world colonialism is dead...white people can no longer dictate to the masses what is and is not...

Rupert Murdoch- for destroying journalism and the once honorable fourth estate

Brian Kilmeade- the most brain dead of the talking heads on Fox and Friends, who said this week that America is being destroyed because white Americans keep marrying outside their species...huh?

Congressman Steve King for his ongoing fight against Black people over running his white christian nation..

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