Definition of “Diva"

With Whitney Houston coming back to the music scene, its got me thinking about the true definition of a Diva.
Diva is Italian for a celebrated female singer, usually an opera singer. The term has since spread to theater, and movies and pop music to describe female singers.
Diva, today is also confused with prima donna....most of those calling themselves Divas today are in fact, prima donnas....exhibiting much attitude with little questionable talent...
Whitney is a Diva and apparently not yet ready to give up her crown, for which I'm happy. However, some of ya'll need to go sit down.
Real Divas don't have to proclaim their diva-ness...they just step up to the mike and sing...no makeup, no pretense necessary..
There are many women on my list....Today I'm just in a certain mood and this music fits my mood...
And with that, I'm going to start with an honest to god Diva....Leontyne Price...She is considered the fourth greatest female Opera singer in the universe... but to me she is number one...Maria Callas pales by comparison...
Leontyne Price
Gladys Knight
Nina Simone
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