Tom, Angelina and Madonna Less White?

Because they have Black children? Does that somehow make them less caucasian?

Funny how nobody tears up their white privilege card for adopting dusky hued babies, while at the same time stomping all over Michael Jackson's grave because he made some white babies to raise.

Why does Michael Jackson having white children make him less Black or African American?

Another question....why is it that white people still think they can tell us what is Black or what defines African American?

They keep trying to convince us that we now live in a post racial world....that the “one drop” rule has been repealed....

So why are they still questioning Michael's Blackness?

In Michael's case, we Blacks, have obviously done it for ourselves... we defined him...just as we did it for OJ and every other successful Black sports figure-entertainer-business entrepreneur-government official, who steps outside the race to sleep, cheat on his/her wife with, or to make babies with.

The dominant culture can talk about him and everyone else...anyway they want...but we will define who is Black...or who is a leader...or who speaks for us....

I know, I know...Tom, Angelina and Madonna are seen as rescuing members of the underclass, bringing them up to their standard of living...civilizing the young ones...enabling them to take their place in polite...read that....dominate society.

They are viewed through the prism of white privilege as modern day missionaries bringing religion to the savages.

Michael Jackson having white kids is seen as a perversion of the norm...It is a step down, rather than a step up.

Face it, we live in a world where designer babies are being created for designed families...it is becoming the norm...

Don't get me wrong....I have a real problem with what he did to his face....In my mind I see and will remember the face of the very talented Black man I came to love a long time ago. That man who lives in my memory does not resemble the stringy long haired white woman that he turned himself into...

And like many Blacks, I grew up around people with vitiligo and I feel in my bones that his excuses for changing skin colors were bullshit...But they were his reasons and his excuses...and oh well....

It never did make sense....but in my mind it didn't make him any less of a Black man...to me..

It just meant he went to his grave without solving his issues...we all have issues....

I know that sounds crazy...but then we are all what we feel inside....and Michael...despite how he looked...never felt like anything other than a Black man...and furthermore...never said he was anything other than a Black man, either.
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