Thank You, Clarence Thomas

The United States Supreme Court takes up the issue of President elect, Barack Obama’s citizenship on Friday, thanks to Justice Clarence Thomas. Thomas has submitted a previously dismissed lawsuit filed in New Jersey for a conference of justices.

Back in November, Leo Donofrio filed suit against New Jersey’s Secretary of State, Nina Wells, seeking to stop the presidential election. A lower court threw out the suit. It was re-filed and Supreme Court Justice David Souter dismissed it. Read here.

Well, not to be out done, Mr. Donofrio took his petition to Justice Clarence Thomas, who apparently figures the suit has some merit, so he has taken it to a conference, where all the justices will sit down and decide whether or not to hear the case. That is what is happening tomorrow.

In addition, supporters of the many lawsuits that have been filed seeking to overturn’s Obama’s election will gather on the steps of the Supreme Court to show support and to demand action.

Most of the lawsuits, as I have written before, are challenging Obama’s birth certificate as well as his birth in Hawaii, despite the fact that the state says he is a citizen, legally born in the United States. Click here to read interview with suit filer Alan Keyes. Suits have also been filed in Hawaii, Illinois, California, Kentucky and Ohio, Pennsylvania as well as the aforementioned New Jersey.

Donofrio vs Wells challenges Obama’s apparent dual citizenship as a violation of the United States Constitution. While Obama’s mother is American, his Kenyan father, reportedly had British citizenship.

I asked a legal expert friend of mine who also happens to be a retired Federal Judge, to explain what could happen tomorrow. I was told that an emergency review of Donofrio was already in progress and that the Justices could order an emergency stay of the electoral college vote slated for December 15th. They could call for oral arguments. Or the justices could simply rule in Donofrio’s favor and order penalties levied for the violations. Could the Justices overturn the election? Yes, they could.

My friend also thinks that the Justices hearing Donofrio vs Wells has about a snowball’s chance in hell. But you never know.

Maybe SUPCO likes affecting elections, now that they've done it once..How about another?

Ya think?
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