Hey, Straight People, Got a Question for You

Question: How old were you when you decided to become straight?

Don’t laugh or look silly and ask me what I’m talking about. It’s a simple question....I’ll say it again.....How old were you, when you decided to be straight?

Folks keep telling me, and I constantly read it throughout the blogosphere, newspapers, and magazines, that being gay or lesbian is a choice....that we choose our sexuality...that we choose our lifestyle...I will agree that we may choose our lifestyle.....but our sexuality......

That is why I’m asking, when did you, heterosexuals, choose your straightness and your resultant lifestyle?

Was it five? Was it fifteen? Was it 21? Or were you born knowing? Tell me please. Inquiring minds want to know.

Did you try being gay first? Did you kiss your best friend and find out you liked it...or maybe you didn’t like it? Did you experiment before making your decision?

Or was being straight the easy, no hassle choice. Was it a choice? And if sexuality was not a choice for you.. that in your mind, you were born straight.....then why is sexuality a choice for gay and lesbians?

If straights are born that way..... then why aren’t gays?

Been reading about the latest fallen Evangel trying to resurrect himself.....Ted Haggard. He’s getting ready to do a documentary on HBO.....In the documentary he reportedly says that he never said he was straight in the first place. But he’s going to keep living as a straight man with his wife.....What is that......born gay....living straight....got caught being true to himself...still decides to live straight....hmmmmmmmmmm

Sounds like he doesn’t have a choice about his sexuality....but he does choose how he lives...He chooses to live in denial of his true self, which is homosexual.

Sexuality, fixed.....lifestyle, mutable....

For everybody, it seems...
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