Exporting Discrimination

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, unless...they’re gay

Question.....So, what’s the difference between the United States and the Al Qaeda infected Middle East when it comes to human rights?

Answer.......Not a damn thing!

The United States has found something it thinks it can successfully export.....homophobia. Not content to relegate a large portion of its own population to second class citizenship, the USA wants the discrimination to continue around the world. Thursday the US stood alone among western nations at the UN in refusing to sign the first ever declaration calling for worldwide decriminalization of homosexuality.

America stood shoulder to shoulder with the Islamic nation members and the Vatican, which came out against the measure last month. 66 of the 192 member nations signed the pact. Several countries that didn’t, still mandate execution as punishment for being gay.

While one African nation did sign the mandate, most did not.
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