The Only Catwoman


No disrespect to Julie Newmar, but Eartha Kitt really was the only Catwoman. Ms. Kitt was the very definition of “uppity.” She never minced words, even telling a president of the United States of America that his war, the Vietnam War, was wrong.

Speaking truth to power got her ostracized from America for many, many years.

She never stopped performing, or speaking her mind. When she finally returned to America in the 80's, she embarked on a whirlwind tour. I caught the midnight show in Chicago one night. The woman was truly amazing, one of those magical, one of a kind performers that take your breath away. The kind of performer who always leaves you wanting more.

Who could ever forget her portrayal of a horny, but sexy senior citizen, attempting to get Eddie Murphy into bed in the movie Boomerang...."Mahrcus dahrling!"

Eartha Kitt was one of those people that you hoped would live forever. She will through her art. But she passed today, felled by a cancer that almost no one knew she had.

She will be missed.
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