Obama Hatin’

The very people who are holding out for a Johnny Mac victory on Tuesday, are the same ones who will tell you that Phil Mickleson is a better golfer than Tiger Woods.

They refuse to see what is right in front of them. Mickleson consistently loses to Woods because he is not talented enough in his entire game, he is not smart enough to out think Woods around the course, nor is his game plan any good on any given day. Mickleson trusts too much of his game to luck. Most importantly, he does not believe in himself. Woods is a showman, yes. But he is methodical, powered by a killer instinct and knowledge of what he has to do to win. Some days he just plays, other days he has to grind..whatever works, to win. And most importantly, Woods knows that no matter how he plays, that he will win, period.

Woods has singlehandedly transformed the sport of golf, right down to the way his competitors treat their own bodies. The day of the out of shape dough boy golfer is over.

Obama is the same. His inner calm shows that he, too, has an incredible belief in himself and his abilities. His speeches are merely the flourish, the icing on the cake, that covers a very solid plan and ground game. He has literally transformed the way campaigns will be run in the future. He has shown the experts just how to raise money to fund a campaign from the ground up. His game plan was brilliantly simple...put the organization of volunteers and paid workers in place during the primary season in every state, not just the blue ones. By the time Obama won the nomination, it was business as usual for his campaign. They just kicked it up a notch, quietly and effectively.

The allegation that Obama has no executive experience is just plain dumb. Look at his campaign organization. Thousands of people, both paid and volunteer, working smoothly and efficiently. Much better than a number of corporations that I could list. He literally steam rolled every other professional politician who was in the game this time around. And they never saw him coming.

The fact that he refused campaign financing was the only way to go. You can’t beat the man playing his game, by his rules, with his equipment, on his court. You have to change the game. The Chicago Bulls couldn't win a championship with Michael Jordan until they learned to play Detroit Piston Basketball. Then it was game over. Obama has learned to play the game by looking at the mistakes of his predecessors, and by improving upon their technique.

Last but not least, Obama is in front. The polls say he is going to win. I hope he is like that other front runner that I have been talking about. Woods never loses holding the lead going into Sunday. The other golfers make it easy by usually throwing in the towel or choking, game over, Woods wins.

The McCain campaign has gone way past dishonorable. Now it’s just bald face lying to the public, about anything and everything, throwing it at Obama in hopes that some of the mud will stick. McCain hasn't thrown in the towel, publicly. But I think he’s choked, badly. And it happened a couple of months ago....enter Lady Sarah.

Let’s hope that Obama’s hide is made of TEFLON and that he is comfortable with his front runner status. I suspect that he is. His calm, tells me that he is okay, and that this marathon is almost over.

Somebody cue the fat lady....
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