Hey Lieberman, Don’t Drop the Soap

Watching Joe Lieberman on Meet the Press today, attempting to justify his actions of the past couple of years, campaigning for John McCain, he looks and sounds as if he’s escaped retribution. While nearly every democrat in this country is screaming for his scalp, President elect Obama has spared him, allowing him to keep his committee chairmanship. Lieberman is sounding like the consummate compromiser, talking bipartisan politics with Tom Brokaw. Lieberman, in answer to a question actually said he was sorry for some of the stuff that came out of his mouth during the campaign.

He stated to Brokaw, and I’m paraphrasing, that Obama is not just a democratic president, he is America’s president, and “we” all need to help him in the days to come, sounding like a man ready to come back into the fold, not contrite, but sounding like he dodged all cosmic payback that should have come his way with the Obama victory.

But Obama sparred him because the democrats need him. The donkey party is seriously working for a filibuster proof Senate and unfortunately, Lieberman is a part of that, if he can be trusted. And that is the problem, he was elected this past time, as an independent. He’s not a democrat and hasn’t been for quite some time. The proof of that was his working to get McCain into the White House. He is beholden to Obama now because Obama didn’t lop off his head and take his chairmanship away from him, effectively turning him into a eunuch, as other Senators wanted to do.

However, the laws of the universe are always in play. Despite Obama’s magnimity, McCain’s action in this past campaign season, do have consequences attached. His Karma debt is huge and he will have to ultimately pay the piper for his treachery toward his one time party.

Lieberman survives today, but there is no telling what’s on tap down the road. And we will be watching.
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