Town Hall Debate

Well, the senile mutant ninja turtle didn’t get it done tonight. He stayed true to form and couldn’t resist getting in a condescending slap or two, as well as a new slur. Got to give McCain an “A” for creativity, when he came up with a new phrase to go along with Elitist, Uppity and N*****.

THAT ONE?..... WTF is that in reference to a United States Senator.

Otherwise, McCain was a bit more subdued tonight. He’s apparently going to let his attack bitch, er dog do his dirty work. The only thing that Palin isn’t bringing to her lynching/campaign stops is a rope. But then I’d lay odds that someone in her crowd probably has one stashed nearby, based on reports from the field today.

Obama played safe and presidential tonight. I didn’t hear anything about the economy that made me comfortable. We’re screwed and both incoming candidates don’t really have a clue, or so it seems.

On to next week...
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