The Cheerleader and POTUS to be

Got to see and hear both parties today. Lady Sarah without Papa, and Barack Obama made stops in my neck of the woods today. Obama spoke issues to about fifteen thousand plus people in Ault Park. God must have been happy because it was an absolutely beautiful day in Cincinnati. No rain clouds in sight. Obama’s crowd looking like America, a rainbow of genders, ages, sizes and colors. Happy, laughing, upbeat.

Palin showed up a couple of hours later in Wilmington, home of the Sarah Palin corn maze, conducting an inside pep rally to the vanilla faithful who worship at her feet. She started off by introducing her kids, Bristol, Piper and Trig as her traveling companions.

Question....Don’t these kids have to go to school? And what about the baby. Why oh why does she drag that poor child out on stage at all hours of the day and night? We know she’s fertile. We know she has kids. She doesn’t have to prove it every time she takes the stage.

What she is proving is that the kid is more of a trophy kid. If I didn’t know better, I’d say she had the kid for the base not because she wanted it.

After the platitudes, she got to the reason why she was there....to attack Obama. Right on cue the no necks in the crowd began chanting “nobama” and yelling “terrorist” and “traitor”. These chants were interspersed with other chants of “go Sarah.” She stood mute as her syncophants abused Obama’s name. At no time did this happen to her or McCain during Obama’s rally.

Obama did call McCain erratic. He is. He is just plain batshit crazy. Check out the latest edition of Rolling Stone Magazine.

Palin defended her attack as being truthful. Once again she relied on the memory of Ronald Reagan invoking the picture of the shining city on the hill, rather than the plans her partner intends to implement if elected. The crowd was in a half hearted frenzy by now, chanting hysterically as if at a revival rather than a political pep rally.

Heavy on fake patriotism, and still not wearing a flag pin, she continued to beat the dead horses that are William Ayers and Iraq, amid calls for absolute victory that even General Patraeus is backing away from.

Listening to Palin one could forget that her party is the one that has brought this country to its knees with its wrong handed witch doctor policies that began with the man, Ronny Raygun, back in1980.

She spoke for roughly 29 , minutes, tossing out bucket loads of democratic red meat. Then she abruptly ended and left the stage after shaking hands with a few folks.

She is slated to attend a breakfast fund raiser tomorrow in Indian Hill, that’s a rich suburb here in Cincinnati. Word has it that bacon and eggs will cost twenty five hundred bucks a plate. That lets me out. Even if I had the money she goes down easier when she’s free..

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