Hey! God!

Talking with Focus on the Family’s James Dobson, yesterday, Sarah Palin said she is confident that God will do the right thing for America on November 4th.

Dobson chimed in that he and his wife are also praying for Devine intervention on election day.

While out campaigning earlier this week for Senator Obama, and my friend, Rep. Tyrone Yates, I ran across an aged little chocolate lady who was sitting on her porch, taking in the dying warmth of a fall afternoon. She fixed me with a serious stare over her sagging glasses and repeated a line that I’ve heard over and over throughout my life and this campaign in particular.

“God don’t like ugly,” she said.

She went on to tell me that there was big payback coming and she felt it was coming to Palin and her running mate John McCain. But she didn’t think they would be enjoying that payback in the White House.

She also expressed fears that folks wouldn’t turn out to vote. I had to agree with her, because standing there with us in this conversation was another younger woman of a different shade of brown, who said Obama had the election sewed up because he had the lead in the electoral college. I had to break it down to her, because she didn’t realize that the electoral college is dependent upon the popular vote. That the election was far from over and that it was very, very important to turn out on election day or before.

These women are my neighbors. We all live on the same street, in the same part of town. A part of town that Sarah Palin probably doesn’t consider American or patriotic enough because she’s never set foot in it to ask for my support or those of my neighbors. The two ladies that I was talking to probably wouldn’t fit Sarah’s or Dobson’s definition of Christian, either. But the little lady had King James open in her lap and I know if I’d pushed, she would’ve and could’ve quoted it without written notes or a teleprompter.

In between puffs on her unfiltered cigarette my little lady went to say that God answers all prayers, you just have to ask. But she said what many people don’t understand is, that the answer you get, may not be the answer you want. But it will always be the answer you need. And she said again,

“God don’t like ugly.”

I always say, what goes around comes around. Karma, God....all the same. You reap what you sow. I hope Palin’s ready for her answer come election day. I know that I am, regardless.

“God don’t like ugly.”

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