A Big Can of Whup-Ass

John McCain is telling folks he plans to kick Obama’s ass in Wednesday’s debate. Really? Doesn’t look like he can lift his leg that high off the ground.

McCain also promised a big new economic plan today....well, ain’t gonna happen...He’s changed his mind, again. His campaign leaked it on Saturday, then retracted the Politico.com report on Sunday.

I guess Johnny Mac thinks most of us don’t speak or read Spanish or listen to Spanish television....He gave a sit down to Univision over the weekend and tried to once again connect the dots between 9/11 and Iraq;
"No. We invaded a country that every intelligence agency said was developing weapons of mass destruction. Think of Saddam Hussein in power with oil at 100 dollars a barrel, and all that entails with his commitment which when after he was captured, he stated categorically that he would acquire weapons of mass destruction, and he would use them wherever he could. Now, Iraq--"

"But he had nothing to do with 9/11," the hosted interjected.

"He had a lot to do with invading his neighbor Kuwait, and we had to go to war and fight there," McCain replied. "He had a lot to do with using weapons of mass destruction, he used them previously, so there's no doubt about his commitment to get them."

Can we just vote now and get it over with?

One other thing that bugged me this weekend....McCain once again hiding behind his time as a POW, when defending himself against the statements of Congressman John Lewis. Lewis compared the feelings and attitudes generated at the McCain/Palin campaign rallies to those of George Wallace’s when Wallace was running for president. It was a very toxic time. I made another comparison earlier this week.

McCain said, or one of his flacks said, he was a POW when Wallace was doing his thing and shouldn’t be taken to task for the feelings that he stirred up in his campaign speeches, claiming he didn’t know about what was going on racially in America at the time.

Just more crap from McCain. He used that same line to defend his “no” vote against the MLK national holiday. But he wrote in his memoir that his captors used the civil rights movement to break his spirit...Now which is it? Did he know...or didn’t he know? Maybe he thinks some of us haven’t read his memoir.... Not surprising...McCain/Palin campaign like the browner complected citizens of this country don’t exist....

And for the record, Congressman Lewis spoke truth and should not apologize for anything he said. Critics should reread the statement.


Caribou Barbie and the First Dude

I spent the weekend reading the Troopergate report which was a total waste of time. I should have just let Sarah tell me what was in it.

I thought the 263 pages said that Palin had abused the power of her office as governor of Alaska. But Mrs. Sarah said the “partisan” report showed she didn’t do anything wrong...maybe she didn’t do anything really criminal, but she violated state ethics laws. And as for that partisan claim...the investigative panel was made up of 8 republicans and 4 democrats....totally stacked in her favor, by my reckoning.

One of my problems with a Hillary Clinton presidency was the specter of Bill having too much power over his wife....Well....the first dude, according to the report, camped out in his wife’s office at her conference table with his own phone, and even summoned various government officials in to talk to them about firing his ex bro-in-law. The report said he took more actions than she did.

Doesn’t he have a job to go to? Or does his job exist in the same non existent place where the Palin kids attend school?

First Baby Daddy

Levi Johnston spoke out today...says he and his baby mama Bristol are getting married in December and it was planned long, long, long before his soon to be mom in law was tapped for VP. No shotgun wedding this. I guess he wrote his myspace profile before he met and fell in love with his soon to be wife.

The report goes on to state that Johnston is a working man now in the oil fields. He’s dropped out of high school to prepare for taking care of his kid which is due on December 18th.


Hockey Mom

Did she really get booed at the hockey game this weekend? I thought joe six pack loved drinking her bath water. Guess not.
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