Queen Johnny

To quote the late actor Robert Preston in the film Victor/Victoria, “there’s nothing sadder than an old queen with a head cold..”

Johnny Mac doesn’t have a cold, but he does seem to be channeling his inner drag queen this week(who else would pay $5500 for makeup), preferring to stir up chaos and a lot of drama, rather than campaigning like an honorable politician seeking the highest office in the land.

Actually, honorable in context with the word politician or in any sentence that contains John McCain’s name is an oxymoron. McCain’s campaign has been totally dishonorable. I didn’t think it could sink any lower, but apparently he prefers swimming in muddy waters.

A couple of days ago, McCain held his first news conference in a hundred years to tell everyone that he was suspending his campaign in order to run back to Washington and hammer out a bailout for Wall Street. Queen Johnny likes playing president. Remember when Russia jumped all over Georgia. John John took to the airwaves to tell everyone what he would do...not that we asked. He jumped so fast, you would’ve thought that Shrub had already retired.

Her majesty said no ads, no campaigning, no political work of any kind while he was being presidential....McCain even wanted to cancel tonight’s debate, because he said he had too much stuff on his plate to do something so trivial as to talk to the American people about foreign policy, which is his strong suit, by the way. Well, that stuff may work with reporters...he hasn’t talked to reporters since he started using Sarah Palin as a shield...but it doesn’t work with we, the people. And his campaign during this suspension has been business as usual, complete with the underhanded, lying attacks on Obama.

All that came out the oval office yesterday was this photo of McCain sitting at the end of the table staring out into space. So what happened? Did the big deal maker have an old timer’s moment and forget where he was? Reports from inside the room said McCain barely said a word nor did he really push for anything substantial.

So.....what was the point of all this nonsense except to say...”look at me, world...I’m John McCain...vote for me because I said so...” Drag Queen drama!

But he still has the spotlight....the question today is will the debate happen tonight....My guess is that it will....but Queen Johnny will arrive fashionably late in order to make an entrance...
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