The Politics of Mendacity

Lies- “The refuse of fools and cowards.” -Lord Chesterfield

An apt description of the current events in this political campaign for president. I’m tired of this “he said/she said bullshit...” The circus has become maddeningly dangerous in its trivialization of probably the most important election of our lifetime.

There were actually a bunch of Lord Chesterfields. The Earldom was created for the Stanhope family back in 1628. The Lord who is so oft quoted by writers and scholars appears to be Phillip, the 4th Earl of Chesterfield. He was a man of letters, that’s a writer in today’s parlance, and very popular with the royals.

Judging from his background, Stanhope would not have hesitated to call a pig in a poke..a pig in a poke. Euphemisms were not his style. So in keeping with his spirit, writers, journalists, bloggers, columnists and others, should just say what they mean.

John McCain is lying, period.....with the release of every political ad, he gets dirtier, nastier and more dishonorable. I personally have bottomed out with this latest on sex education.

To paraphrase Fannie Lou Hamer....I’m sick and tired of being nice and respectful...

How much shit can one person throw and expect to remain untouched or clean? The GOP has long practiced the fine art of prevarication...repeating the lie over and over...making it seem like fact...because if one hears it over and over...maybe it’s true.....more often than not...it’s not...

How many good men and women have to be debased by the crap hurled by this bigoted, racialistic, elitist group whose arrogance and collective ego astounds me. Just when I think I’ve seen and heard it all, they top themselves, again and again.

It’s time to call John McCain, what he is......a lying adulterer...who voted against the MLK holiday...who, in 2000, supported the flying of confederate flags above state houses...He later apologized for both of these deeds.....But it’s obvious from his actions...he didn’t mean it and he didn’t learn..

Now he has embraced the practices of Karl Rove, hiring his acolytes, in a blatant attempt to steal another election for the republican party.

Make no mistake about it, Sarah Palin is a pawn, a smoke screen...someone trotted out simply to divert attention away from the man himself. He can’t compete on the issues, on stature, in thought and creativity. He is not smart enough to be president. The line from his first wife to Sarah Palin is a clear indication of how he feels about women...use ‘em and lose ‘em...and on to the next beauty queen.

The road to the future is not a loop back through the jungles of a prisoner war camp. The days of General Eisenhower and Captain John F Kennedy died in the swift boat attacks on John Kerry in 2004. War heroes are celebrated, but no longer considered the ultimate leaders in times of peace.

Vision and creativity are needed to get our collective asses out of the bonfire that George II threw us into eight years ago. It’s got to start now...

We may not get another chance..
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