Boobs and a Working V-Jay-Jay

I don’t care how you dress it up.... a pig with lipstick and makeup...is still just a pig. Governor Sarah Palin is nothing more than an old white guy republican in a dress. She’s got boobs and obviously her plumbing is functioning...but it still won’t make me vote for her. GOP feminist is still an oxymoron.

She and McCain are running on a platform that codifies bigotry and discrimination with promises to make it part of the Constitution. They could draft the late great Barbara Jordan as McCain’s running mate and I still wouldn’t support this party or this platform.

The issues haven’t changed....it’s still the economy....job loss...inflation...lack of health care...the rape of social security....immigration.....our conflicted educational system.....equal pay and real childcare for working mothers....it’s about choice for women....it’s about the on going second class citizenship of lesbians, gays and transgendered people. Sarah Palin is not addressing the issues...none of the speakers are addressing the issues...just mounting attack after attack after attack...Peripheral bullshit...tossed by the ton....cover up...ignore and maybe win an election because people aren’t paying attention.

I don’t care if her daughter is pregnant...I do care about her refusal to recognize that young people need sex education. And I know that when the kids are black or minority or poor, the conversation coming from her party about unwanted pregnancies takes an ugly turn. The family privacy that she demands is nonexistent if you’re not a card carrying member of the right winged conservative GOP.
The only time this party becomes compassionately conservative is during election years, like now.

The real deal is that the party in power is hers...the 80% increase in spending over just the past four years...the multi trillion dollar deficit...the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan...the assault on the constitution and our civil rights via the Patriot Act....the lack of oversight of companies like KBR and Blackwater....the refusal to do anything about the energy crisis until now.....all of this is in Governor Palin’s lap and no amount of bamboozlement is going to change that.

Mitt “max headroom” Romney blamed the liberal government for all the current problems that the GOP is attempting to run away from. Well, it’s like Pogo said....”we has seen the enemy and it is us.” The government is republican...If the GOP can’t be straight about that...how can we believe they are going to change, ever. Judging from how many times I’ve heard the word “change” over the past couple of days, If I didn’t know better, I would say that McCain and company came up with it instead of Obama.

John McCain was an attractive candidate when he was a centrist in his party. His desperate thirst for power has pushed him farther and farther to the right, to the point that I doubt anyone outside of the 28% who think Bush is doing a good job will support him.

He chose a woman for his ticket for the basest of reasons...to deflect attention away from him and his right turn to mediocrity....As I said before, a pig in a poke....is just a pig in a poke.. Sarah Palin is a sharped tongued hockey mom who likens herself to a pit bull...Okay, I’ll buy that....But I don’t think the country is going to buy her act....her past politics of secessionism...her off the wall interpretation of religion...her desire to supplant science in favor of creationism...

She is being used by the boys....they want to keep power and they are willing to sacrifice her to do it...

She may pick up a few confused white women but I don’t think sistas want to hear it...statistics have shown in the past couple of elections...it's not just women in general...it's black women who more than likely, make the difference..

We shall see..Can’t wait for her first news conference...
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