War on Men...Are You Serious!

It’s all so unfortunate – for women, not men. Feminism serves men very well: they can have sex at hello and even live with their girlfriends with no responsibilities whatsoever.
It’s the women who lose. Not only are they saddled with the consequences of sex, by dismissing male nature they’re forever seeking a balanced life. The fact is, women need men’s linear career goals – they need men to pick up the slack at the office – in order to live the balanced life they seek. So if men today are slackers, and if they’re retreating from marriage en masse, women should look in the mirror and ask themselves what role they’ve played to bring about this transformation.”- Suzanne Venker

Another quote taken from an essay written by one of these stockholm syndrome bitches. Blaming the victim for the actions of the oppressor. Last time I looked we still live in a patriarchal society. One built by the very “slackers” who are “retreating” from marriage en mass as a reaction to virulent “feminism.”

Women have always been victimized by the consequences of sex. Well before feminism took shape, men had sex when they wanted it. They married it and demanded it or raped their girlfriends or other women, when they chose. Women were always kicked to the curb when men decided they wanted a new and or younger model. Feminism didn't create that. Men did. Now they're crying because women, tired of being treated no better than a retreaded tire, have taken control of their own lives?

Men are crying about sex and marriage just like old white men are crying about darkies not knowing their place in society these days. The world is changing around them, and they, meaning men, are not “transforming” to deal with modern day relationships and situations. Some males are acting like spoiled children who no longer are being given their way and have decided to hold their breath and turn blue to demonstrate their displeasure.

Or they sit back and watch the girl on girl action while women such as Venker write books, work in the real world, be the bread winner in their households, and take every advantage that feminism grants them, bashing all other women who strive, without calling themselves feminists. It's like wiggers or gay republicans, making a life co opting other minority cultures but running for the safety of whiteness when shit hits the fan. Venker and her stepford wife sisters hide behind their trophy husbands ignoring the fact that almost all traditional marriages are not the stuff of fairytale and legend. They've just found out a way to make it work. But isn't that what feminism teaches all women about life in general?

As women change and gain success in the business world and world in general, they are not willing to settle for mates who are little more than bigger versions of their children, rather than partners in life. Some men, are refusing to step up to the plate and to grow.

What feminism means is that women no longer will settle when there is a better life visible on the horizon. Some would prefer to share that life with men, others are willing to seek it out without them, having sex and raising children on their own terms, primarily because feminism has taught them they can afford it emotionally and financially and they deserve it. Period.

(Originally written for and posted on Intersection of Madness, 11/2012 )


The Ballad of Sad Old Willard Mitt Romney

If you don't run Chris Christie, Romney will be the nominee and we'll lose.”- Ann Coulter

And he did (can't believe I agreed with AC). Badly. It was serious. As my old friend Cindy, from Jacksonville used to say, “Obama stomped a mud hole up Romney's ass so big it made the Mississippi River look like a dried up creek bed!” (say that with a hillbilly lilt)

Now the leader of the Prick Posse is pissed. He is what every Bully is, all talk, no show, no fight, no win.

So sure that he was gonna win that he was barely able to gracefully concede. No surprise, he had already shown that the only Gentleman in his family was his father, may he rest in peace.

And from a distance, where ever the hell he is hiding these days, he takes yet another swipe at the 47%, demonstrating his terminal cluelessness.

Romney claims we the people, were bought and paid for by the President. Obama gave us “gifts” to steal the election from the real savior and great white hope.

As if we the poor and middle class don't recognize shit wrapped in birthday foil paper when we smell it.

He dismissed us, then proceeded to talk down to us, or around us, or through us, as if we don't matter, ever.

In Romney world, the world where he was running for President, there were wives, kids, hired help and the rest of us.

Arrogant, Elitist, Totally Delusional Prick.

The saddest part of this Ballad of Willard, based on what has been said since the election, is that neither he, nor his followers understand what happened.

Pick a house Willard, and go home.


SECEDE? Nigga Please, “Git Yo Shit Outta My House!”

Boy... my inner Bernadette jumped outta my chest when I read this story. Did you know that in the wake of Obama's re election last Tuesday, more than 100,000 people politely petitioned the White House for permission to take their State and secede from the Union.

You can read the entire piece of bullshit right here.

Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these, ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it and institute new government.”

That's from the United States Constitution, which these “makers” cite as their justification for leaving and forming their own country. They don't mention President Obama by name, but rest assured these are the same assholes who have been jumping up and down claiming they are going to take back their country from the “pimps, whores and welfare brats” who voted for the “Kenyan.”

Let me buy you a clue, geniuses....Secession is treason, period. There is nothing polite about it. You either shoot and take it, if you can, or you shut the fuck up, die or go to jail. Remember that thing called the Civil War?

If you actually read anything besides the classic comics version of United States Government rules, regulations and contracts, you would know that there is only one state that could possibly and legally secede. That would be the great State of Texas, and I emphasize the word “possibly.”

As citizens, you are always free to go. Make like a pilgrim. Pretend you're Christopher Columbus and strike out in a boat. Re enact the Middle Passage in reverse. But you can't take the country with you. The land does not belong to you. It belongs to the people of the United States of America.

And, no we don't want you camping out in our backyard, either. When you leave, take your shit, strap it on your back, your wife's back or on top of the car along side the dog and drive north or south til you get to the border.

At the crossing, give back your American passport, if you have one, renounce your citizenship and then hit the accelerator, and drive to where ever the fuck you can find happiness.

A couple things.....driving north will take you to Canada, a primarily white country that has a reasonably good relationship with it's browner, indigenous predecessors. Bear in mind that the country is a bit more socialist than your old home country and just about everybody speaks French.

Or you can drive south into Central America. But then you immediately run into a bunch of short brown people...everywhere. And it gets worse, since history tells us that more slaves were sold to Central and South America, then ended up here in the good ole USA.

You'd know that if you ever cracked a non Texas made history book.

Whatever. No ill will intended... Via con dios....means be safe and kiss every part of my butter scotch American ass.


Attracting Blacks and Latinos to the GOP? When Karl Rove Can Dunk a Basketball Without a Ladder!

It ain't gonna happen with the current state of the Grand Old Party. Blacks and Latinos and other self respecting minorities are going to do what they did, run in terror to the Democrats. And quiet as it's kept, that's no real salvation either.

The truth of the matter is that both of the major political parties in America, Suck. They suck big ones, big time. All the time. But as bad as the Democratic Party is, the GOP is like following a guy named Jim Jones to paradise and then having good ole Jim force you to drink kool aid laced with cyanide.

That's just dumb. No thinking person of color does that unless somebody is also holding a gun to their head.

And nothing pisses me off more than for some clueless white person or stupid negro to tell me that Blacks should be Republicans because the GOP is the Party of Lincoln, and “you know, he did free the slaves.”

Well whoopie fuckin' deal.

Let's buy a vowel, shall we. The Republican Party of Lincoln is NOT the Republican Party of today. Hell, the Republican Party of today is not even the GOP of the 20th Century. The current GOP must have secretly beamed down from some alien planet that is invisibly circling our sun, or passing through our universe, because these so called Republicans have absolutely no human or recognizable conservative attributes, what so ever.

I learned about conservative Republicans from my own family. Most of the elder generation, some of whom were freed slaves, were also Republicans-Lincoln Republicans. However, by the time I became old enough to vote, some six decades ago, only a colored fool, would even talk about being in the GOP. We dark, but we ain't crazy. Aligning with the GOP is like a slave running with the KKK, thinking he's a member instead of entertainment at the picnic, and that was 40 years ago. The GOP has devolved even more and is a shrunken skull of what it once was.

I learned that Black Republicans looked and acted like General Colin Powell, or Senator Ed Brooke, or Activist and writer, Raynard Jackson, Dr. Martin Luther King or my grandfather, James Chenault Senior. Even Condoleeza Rice was a Lincoln type Republican until she started worshiping at the throne of the Tea Party. The formerly respectable conservative Dr. Rice has gone all the way crazy and I find that sad because she really could help her party by being the conservative beacon that she used to be, prior to her stints with Dubya and company.

These people were people of honor, without a bigoted bone in their bodies. They have love for everybody. They just take different paths to problems that need solving. Some people approach from the left, some from the right, but the goal is the same and the problem gets solved for the benefit of all.

Conservative vs Liberal. It's not a war. It's not a competition. It's a different way of looking at the world. Conservative vs Liberal is merely a difference of opinion. Nothing more.

This is not happening today. The people who call themselves conservatives today are not conservatives in the old sense of the word. They are bigots, racists or white supremacists in expensive Brooks Brothers suits, claiming to be Patriots and real Americans, demanding total access to and control of a world not of their making. They stole this bitch from the Indians, and Latinos, and Black people built em a country on it, for goodness sake. Let's get real.

Rush Limbaugh, the defacto chairman of the Republican Party is a clown. The words coming out of his mouth are toxic and meant to divide. Said Rush:
let me remind you of something. Let me take you back to the Republican convention.....
We had Suzanne Martinez, female Hispanic governor, New Mexico. We had Condoleezza Rice, African-American, former secretary of state. ... We had a parade of minoritieswho have become successful Americans. And they all had a common story: up from nothing, hard work, their parents sacrificed for them.....They told those stories with great pride. Those stories evoked tears. It didn’t work (in attracting voters).”
Well, duh! First off, these people are exceptional in their accomplishments, but not unusual or rare within the people of color universe and that is what Rush and his Ditto-heads miss or don't understand.

The problem with the current Republican Party is its stance on life in general. In order to fit in, one would have to be white, preferably male, Christian-Mormon Christian is apparently okay, now, and believe that life begins as soon as the magic sperm swimmer meets with a viable egg inside a woman's body during intercourse or rape or incest.

Many people of color are not Christian. Half of us aren't even male. And the main point is that the present beliefs of the modern day Republican Party are so outside the realm of reality as to be ludicrous. So ludicrous that the aforementioned Conservatives that I talked about could not be members of this GOP. My granddad is turning over in his grave. General Powell voted for the Democrat. Only Dr. Rice has turned to the dark side among this group.

It is important to note that all aforementioned still consider themselves conservatives, just not like this.

To be sure, there are some rays of hope, the David Stockmans of the world, Meghan McCain, heck even her mother, Cindy. John McCain has gone off the deep end. There is no more hope for him. But there are some who see what is going on, and I truly hope they become strong enough to rescue the party away from the bigots, racists, white supremacists and separatists who have taken over.

The way to signal change, is to simply change:

  1. Dump the Republican Party Platform of the past 20 years.
  2. Expel the extremists...Grover Norquist, Karl Rove, The Koch Brothers, etc
  3. Silence the nut fringe.... Rush, Laura, Ann, Dickie,
  4. Invite the real conservatives back to the table
  5. Understand that People of Color are just like you

It's like Meghan McCain twitted out on Wednesday:

I don’t need to do any soul-searching about what the GOP is doing wrong . #evolve,” “Keep calling people like me RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) and see how many elections we keep winning,”

That would be a very good starting place. If that is not acceptable, then the alternative was offered up the Cincinnati Tea Party, based in Lebanon Ohio and calling itself Cincinnati because nobody has ever heard of Lebanon Ohio, or the bigotry toward Blacks that has resided there for my entire lifetime:

"Today the takers clearly outnumber the makers. Government has grown to take over this country instead of a government of the people. Reasons for this loss of our freedom can be found in all national, statewide and local candidate and tax issues," ….... We will be a socialist nation within months. However, a revolution is rising and all those elected officials that are blind to what they have done to this country should be encouraged to become enlightened, should be encouraged to step down and should not be reelected.”

This is like getting your ass-stomped...... you're laying on the ground bloody and beaten to a pulp with somebody's boot on your chest holding a gun to your head and you still sellin' wolf tickets.

Suicide absolute suicide.

Why not evolve and live to fight another day.


Obama Wins, Romney Loses

To quote my mother....I'm as happy as a sissy in CC Camp, this mornin!” Tacky, not politically correct...but sooooo apropos..thank you, Mommy..

Saw a status this morning...

Any day that Rush Limbaugh wakes up pissed...is a very good day for the rest of us!”

Inquiring minds want to know now whether this bloviating piece of shit is leaving America like he promised? Or has it dawned on him that America is the only place where his style of crap still floats? Buy a clue Rushie..go sit down somewhere and be quiet.

It's so bad for white rich guys this morning that punk ass Donald Trump is calling for revolution to “take back his country.”

Wha cha gonna do now Donald....put “General” in front of your name, borrow Mitt's dancing horse and wave a saber, yelling “CHARGE” as you gallop down 6th Ave? Of course you will have to take that chia pet off your head in order to wear a general's hat. You will also have to understand that old white guys may start wars, but they never fight them, so there won't be anybody behind you, following you down your personal and chosen path of destruction.

On morning news the white guys sent out to spin the election are barely contrite. You can actually see the steam coming from their ears as they attempted to be humble. They had that “deer caught in headlights stare...did you see the truck that just backed over us” kind of look,  while attempting to project warmth and humanness into the camera.

I wrote four years ago, that all you had to do was to let these fools talk and they would eventually hang themselves. They did just that, last night. The past four years has been a massive circle jerk with the election climaxing in a circular lynching party. I'm just sorry that it took so long for it to kick in, but it happened, finally. The length of time it took, made the rest of us stronger, in the end.

Romney and the teabags ran a campaign of “do as I say...do as I need...and maybe after that happens...we will take care of you..meantime...the sky is purple and you're happy!...repeat that over and over again until you believe it.”

The days of believing what the former masters of the universe say....taking it at face value, are over. It is a brand new day, period.

The only people who didn't vote for Barack Obama were old white men, old white married women afraid of their racist old husbands and the avowed stiff necked bigots, who still think white people make up the majority in this world.

Message to bigots: white people never have been the majority in the world, neva, eva, eva.. Rewriting all the history books doesn't make your view the true one.

The masses have finally awakened. Women have finally awakened, and honestly it feels pretty good waking up today.

Hearing a white guy admit on TV that the GOP fucked up by ignoring the rest of us....priceless.

Thank you for voting responsibly. Now let's get this brown revolution moving.

Mr. President....Congratulations....but we do need to talk.


Are We There Yet? Romney-Obama Election 2012

Well, it's another election night eve for me, and lord knows I've been through a lot of them. 41 consecutive years of casting votes for somebody since I turned 21, back in 1971.

The year after I turned 21, I worked on the campaign that successfully gave 18 year olds the vote, when I was already legal, as we used to say. Seems it's my life karma to be early or late, never in perfect step. In other words I have always had to bring my own music and make up my own dance as I went along, while time and circumstance did it's own thing. But that's another story. I digress.

Thinking about what we are about to do again, which is to give the reins of government back to Barack Hussein Obama for another four years, makes me happy, sad and nostalgic all at the same time. On this night, this election eve, the climax of a never ending campaign that started on inauguration day 2009, I'm feeling like what Fannie Lou Hamer said, “I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.” This time around, it was too much. Too much information. Too much lying. Too much pontificating and equivocating. My head hurts.

I've been watching elections since before they were televised in color. I've been voting since before somebody dreamed up HDTV.

General Eisenhower is the first president in my memory. I was born during Truman, but not until just before his election. John Kennedy was the first president I loved. It wounded me deeply when he died. Never met Lynchin Bains Johnson. That's what we called him. He signed the Civil Rights Bills into Law, but that didn't endear him to me. Not then.

Rumor had it that he was nuts. We had a crazy man in the White House, who may have had our beloved JFK killed. However, nobody really knows or will ever know who hired the gunmen on the grassy knoll down in Dallas that day.

Nixon was the first president with whom I shook hands, both he and his wife. Didn't vote for him. Wasn't quite old enough to vote against him. Do know I didn't like his bigotry. Smacked of the same ole shit being dished out by the likes of George Wallace and Bull Connor, except this man occupied the White House.

I was still naive enough back in the day to believe that if a man could rise to the level of President, he certainly couldn't also be a bigot or a racist, not really. Silly me.

Gerald Ford, the man who took over for Tricky Dick Nixon was a decent man. I was a working reporter by the time he came into office and I was humbled by the fact that he knew me on sight and called me “jo.” President Carter was another decent man who has been totally disrespected and wrongfully forgotten.

I interviewed Ronald Reagan four times, starting in 1976 at the Republican convention and could never get past the fact that I was talking to an actor, somebody who was playing a part in a B movie. The conversations were great, but I never bought the good guy act. His voodoo economics initiated the downfall of the American Middle Class and the decline of Unions as well as worker's rights.

Daddy Bush, Bill Clinton and Junior Bush were merely days at work...more fun with Clinton, less so with George the elder and George the younger. The younger Bush especially was like hitching a ride across the ocean on a boat named Titanic with no Leonardo DiCaprio to save my ass.

And then comes Barack Obama.

I was not a supporter in the beginning. I didn't believe a Black man could be elected in America. I dreamed of the possibility, but expected to be dead by the time it actually happened. I believed the racists were too strong to let it happen. I still believe they will turn out tomorrow in an attempt to keep him from a second term.

And I still fear for his life. Because in this country, it's a truth that what white men can't control, they kill. They kill when their status quo is threatened, and Barack Obama is the walking, talking example of threat to the complacency of the masters of the universe.

Obama is one of the few people who can move me to tears. I cried when he won in 2008. I cried at his Inauguration. I cried when I heard him speak last night.

But Last night at the UC arena, I also heard within his speech echoes of the last speech of Dr. Martin Luther King, and it bothered me.

I have been to the mountaintop....”

Those uncomfortable echoes are resting heavily on me tonight, as I write this now.

In the meantime....I will happily vote tomorrow to move this country forward, and wait for what I hope will be a joyous night. History to be made, and a happy ending to be written. A celebration of the 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama.

To be continued......................................