Obama Wins, Romney Loses

To quote my mother....I'm as happy as a sissy in CC Camp, this mornin!” Tacky, not politically correct...but sooooo apropos..thank you, Mommy..

Saw a status this morning...

Any day that Rush Limbaugh wakes up pissed...is a very good day for the rest of us!”

Inquiring minds want to know now whether this bloviating piece of shit is leaving America like he promised? Or has it dawned on him that America is the only place where his style of crap still floats? Buy a clue Rushie..go sit down somewhere and be quiet.

It's so bad for white rich guys this morning that punk ass Donald Trump is calling for revolution to “take back his country.”

Wha cha gonna do now Donald....put “General” in front of your name, borrow Mitt's dancing horse and wave a saber, yelling “CHARGE” as you gallop down 6th Ave? Of course you will have to take that chia pet off your head in order to wear a general's hat. You will also have to understand that old white guys may start wars, but they never fight them, so there won't be anybody behind you, following you down your personal and chosen path of destruction.

On morning news the white guys sent out to spin the election are barely contrite. You can actually see the steam coming from their ears as they attempted to be humble. They had that “deer caught in headlights stare...did you see the truck that just backed over us” kind of look,  while attempting to project warmth and humanness into the camera.

I wrote four years ago, that all you had to do was to let these fools talk and they would eventually hang themselves. They did just that, last night. The past four years has been a massive circle jerk with the election climaxing in a circular lynching party. I'm just sorry that it took so long for it to kick in, but it happened, finally. The length of time it took, made the rest of us stronger, in the end.

Romney and the teabags ran a campaign of “do as I say...do as I need...and maybe after that happens...we will take care of you..meantime...the sky is purple and you're happy!...repeat that over and over again until you believe it.”

The days of believing what the former masters of the universe say....taking it at face value, are over. It is a brand new day, period.

The only people who didn't vote for Barack Obama were old white men, old white married women afraid of their racist old husbands and the avowed stiff necked bigots, who still think white people make up the majority in this world.

Message to bigots: white people never have been the majority in the world, neva, eva, eva.. Rewriting all the history books doesn't make your view the true one.

The masses have finally awakened. Women have finally awakened, and honestly it feels pretty good waking up today.

Hearing a white guy admit on TV that the GOP fucked up by ignoring the rest of us....priceless.

Thank you for voting responsibly. Now let's get this brown revolution moving.

Mr. President....Congratulations....but we do need to talk.

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