The Ballad of Sad Old Willard Mitt Romney

If you don't run Chris Christie, Romney will be the nominee and we'll lose.”- Ann Coulter

And he did (can't believe I agreed with AC). Badly. It was serious. As my old friend Cindy, from Jacksonville used to say, “Obama stomped a mud hole up Romney's ass so big it made the Mississippi River look like a dried up creek bed!” (say that with a hillbilly lilt)

Now the leader of the Prick Posse is pissed. He is what every Bully is, all talk, no show, no fight, no win.

So sure that he was gonna win that he was barely able to gracefully concede. No surprise, he had already shown that the only Gentleman in his family was his father, may he rest in peace.

And from a distance, where ever the hell he is hiding these days, he takes yet another swipe at the 47%, demonstrating his terminal cluelessness.

Romney claims we the people, were bought and paid for by the President. Obama gave us “gifts” to steal the election from the real savior and great white hope.

As if we the poor and middle class don't recognize shit wrapped in birthday foil paper when we smell it.

He dismissed us, then proceeded to talk down to us, or around us, or through us, as if we don't matter, ever.

In Romney world, the world where he was running for President, there were wives, kids, hired help and the rest of us.

Arrogant, Elitist, Totally Delusional Prick.

The saddest part of this Ballad of Willard, based on what has been said since the election, is that neither he, nor his followers understand what happened.

Pick a house Willard, and go home.

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