Friday Rap, February 2012-Life, Death and Insufferable Arrogance

So much insanity...so little time..

The wing nuts of the pseudo-religious right came all the way out of the closet on Thursday to publicly worship their god....and no...it wasn't Jesus....it was the DICK...That thing that makes a man, a man...After watching these idolators hurl themselves on the almighty penis, now I understand why men go around holding themselves...It's to keep the lifegiver safe, apparently..

Life begins at conception, they tell us, when sperm meets egg.....DICK worship....

A few states with these DICK worshippers in control forced through new laws mandating that the little swimmers must be allowed to impregnate at will, or women and doctors will face criminal consequences....

WHOA! Sounds like rape to me....but then...didn't they try to change the definition of rape...to make it not rape, before they got to this “personhood thingey?”

Reducing everything...no matter what....incestuous father...rapacious neighbor...abusive and drunken husband....to situations of simply having sex...and not rape...frees men up to be...well, men.

Women don't enter into the equation except as receptacles for the holy sperm and bearers of future offspring.

Fortunately, saner heads prevailed in Congress on this...but that was just a battle..the war on women continues unabated, with more states, including Ohio taking up the issue in the coming weeks...

So, what next, the canonization of erections, as Bill Maher suggested on his show, last night? Well, now that you mention it......

This week's piece de resistance was delivered on Capital Hill, Thursday, when Congressman Darryl Issa unleashed hell by holding a committee hearing on birth control and contraception and had the audacity to say it did not concern women.


It was a religious issue, he said. Not a woman's issue. Women have nothing to do with birth control, according to Issa.

No women allowed to testify...only men...most of them clerics...Catholics and Lutherans who know so much about American women, their habits, lifestyles and health practices. There were no female clerics who could speak to the issue?

Question....if it's a religious issue...and we have a constitution mandating separation of church and state....isn't Issa's hearing illegal in the first place?

And once we answer that question we can move onto the blatant discrimination practiced by Mr. Issa and his oh so christian choir boys.

Just sayin'

Why don't we just cut the dumb shit and hold the election today, tomorrow...sometime in the next week...

Put this exercise in ignorance and arrogance to rest...


This has been a tough week to get through considering we've lost two giants of the entertainment industry.

Don Cornelius, Soul Train creator, was laid to rest on Wednesday after apparently killing himself last week.

On Saturday Whitney Houston will be eulogized and buried not too far from her father, following a private memorial in her home town.

RIP Mr. Cornelius and Ms. Houston. Both of you touched my life in ways that you will never know.


Open Letter to Stupid Women

Dear Dummies,

I'm talkin' to all of you women who stand by your man, your significant others, your butch wives, and your father's dum-azz political party and church, while they persist in doing stupid stuff that may injure you, your children and other women.


Let me ramble on a bit about just how twisted is your continued support of these throw backs to the Jurassic period.

Birth Control and contraception will be free starting next year unless the Grand Old Party changes things with its newest and latest amendment. This GOP amendment once again takes us out of the equation by making birth control a decision made for us by our employers, would you believe.

Now, I don't know about you, but I wouldn't trust my boss to decide the color of the toilet paper I use in my bathroom, let alone, let him decide when I can use birth control and have family planning services.

The new amendment would allow employers to deny ANY SERVICE that THEY find morally objectionable to their female employees. I spotlight women because I don't hear Bosses or Congressmen, for that matter, writing laws to ban erectile dysfunction drugs or any service that may interrupt health services for men.

This amendment is a return to the old days...before the passage of the Affordable Health Care Law. This amendment is not limited to religious organizations such as the Catholic Church. It is so broad that it applies to everybody. Any employer who wants to keep from paying for health care for female workers need only claim that birth control “bothers” his conscience and he or she, can keep it out of the plan.

Child birth is still the number one killer of women in the world and that includes the so called enlightened island known as the United States of America. A legal abortion is safer than child birth, but the fanatics of the right always seem to overlook that fact. As long as the fetus lives, they don't care what happens to mommy. They only care about the rights they choose to convey on a lump of cells growing inside a woman's body at certain times of her life.

I like babies too. But not everyone is cut out to be a mother. We are far past the time when giving birth is a necessity.

And, ladies, this amendment goes further. Say it passes and becomes law. Now it becomes not only law but a precedent for other “exclusions” such as your boss decides one day that you are too fat, or you haven't quit smoking fast enough, or your HIV/AIDS medications are “morally objectionable.” What cha gonna do, hmmmmmmmm?

Thank you John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Eric Cantor and Congressman Blunt.

And back to the idiots you live with...you know...the ones who are kicking your ass on a regular basis because they don't have the balls to hit back when their boss takes a swing at them.

These same republicans are working to cancel out all domestic violence laws.

Last summer, you will recall Congress tried to change the definition of rape...to make it NOT rape. That was quickly shot down by sensible heads. Well now the Violence Against Women Act is up for reauthorization and the knuckle draggers don't want to reauthorize.


Because parts of the law were rewritten to reflect the times. In other words the law has been changed to cover same sex relationships in addition to straight relationships.

It means your boyfriend or your butch wife can't knock you around without legal consequence. The police must step in and treat you equally under the law. In addition, the neanderthals of the right want to reduce funding and disband the office within the Justice Department charged with overseeing regulation of domestic violence and sexual assault cases.

Preventive health services and domestic violence are woman things and as such are not important to our representatives in Congress. They don't care about us, unless we speak up.

But I'm not pissed off at them. I'm pissed off at you, the women who continually allow these idjits to hurt us...to deny us the services we need to live...to trade us in for a young, perkier model when the mood suits them. We suffer....our kids suffer...We as women, are better than this....aren't we?

It is time to stop suffering from their stupidity. It is time to take responsibility. Hell if we don't they are going to blow this world up and then where will we be?

Wake the fuck up!


Frothy's Got the Wheel and Gone!

Another day, another change at the top of the GOP pop charts. This time it's Little Ricky Santorum taking over the driver's seat in the clown car.

The latest polls give him a three percent advantage over the Stiff, otherwise known as Willard, or Mitt or Max as in Headroom Romney. Ron the bigot goat Paul is in third, followed distantly by the suddenly silent Puffy Messiah, the self proclaimed savior of the world, Newt Gingrich.

Let's put this into perspective shall we.

The really, really big story that the main stream media is not covering, is that NOBODY.....and I mean....NOBODY is showing up to vote at these caucuses and primary votes.....NOBODY.

All you heard last week was the Little Ricky swept three states....HE WON THREE...count em...THREE STATES!

Man! Frothy really took it to Romney...didn't he, said the MSM....But like Billy Preston used to sing...”Nothin' from Nothin' leaves Nothin'...ya gotta have somethin', if ya wanna beat Obamaaaaaaaaaaa....” Okay, I added that last part.

The turnout in Colorado, Missouri and Minnesota, I believe....was less than 20% collectively. I heard it was actually around 2% in Colorado and 6% in Missouri...and the media reported that Santorum won 30% of the vote in Colorado!  30% of 2%. hmmmmmmmm....What's that, two registered voters and the janitor walking through the room.

“Nothin' from Nothin' leaves nothin'”

Today, the MSM has Frothy surging based on the latest poll numbers. That's the word they are using...SURGING! And they say, Romney's about to lose his home state of Michigan...not that he lives there...Daddy Romney...you know the one born in Mexico...used to be governor of Michigan...Stiff er Mitt grew up there...I wouldn't call it his state...but the MSM describes it as such, so I'll run with that.

Okay, say this scenario plays out with Santorum barebacking Romney, to win the nomination. Do ya really think the rest of us will open wide and swallow? Hmmmmmm?

Frothy absolutely hates women. He is a general in the GOP war on women. According to his book, he is against women working outside the home. He doesn't think we need birth control or contraception. He says we must carry our rapists baby to termination regardless of the circumstance surrounding conception.

He sided with Komen against Planned Parenthood.

I would imagine he probably doesn't think that rape is a crime based on his past statements.

He has no stated use for Black people, Hispanic people, LGBT people or poor people. I would guess that if by some quirk of fate that he does make it to the White House those FEMA concentration camps will suddenly be put to use for those of us not of anglo saxon or aryan origin.

He is against marriage equality and civil rights in general for anyone other than WASPS.

The last time Santorum ran for office he was an incumbent Congressman. It should be noted that he pissed off his district so badly that they turned him out of office by the largest margin ever for an incumbent to lose, in the history of this country.

And he hasn't changed. This year, he's doubled down on the BS that got him thrown out of office in the first place.

Yet a very small part of the GOP wants this guy to win and apparently the more sensible portions of the GOP are going to stand back and let happen. And the MSM is missing the big picture of what is going on.

I say “oh well.”

Maybe the GOP moderates are actually going to cross the line and vote for Obama..that couldn't happen...could it?

National polls are indicating that this scenario may play out regardless of who wins the GOP nomination.

"Frothy Toast"....good name for a B-grade porn star...bad name for a president...


Gingrich and More Fake Piety from the Phony Christians

Let's get real, there is no war on religion.

This fake ass sanctimonious outcry from the so called right is as bogus as the day is long. In mandating better health care choices for women, the Obama administration is under fire from the same men (primarily white, fake christian men) who brought you the idea that same sex marriage is a danger to heterosexual marriages.

And yes, it is men, those who control the catholic church, those who control other factions of the pseudo-christian right wing as well as those who hate President Obama, who are crying the loudest, by claiming that new federal ruling violates their religious convictions.


Please tell me how the law violates your religious convictions, if you have them, they are carved in stone, right? So please tell me how a health care mandate for women, stands between you and your belief in your god?

Inquiring minds want to know.

The new law doesn't say you have to practice birth control. It doesn't say you have to use the morning after pill after you have sex. Hell, it doesn't even force you to have sex. You have the right to abstain. Isn't that what the all knowing Bishops and religious types tell all women and kids...abstain until you get married? The new federal rule simply makes more choices available to women, for their health, because frankly, women are the ones who need to make these choices. Men don't...never have....never will...Men don't die from child birth...women do.

How many guys do you know who stop the sex act because they forgot the condom. The first question at the first sign of pre-coitus interruptus is usually...”ain't you on the pill?” It has always been the woman's burden, just like the kid created before and after its born.

Do ya'll think Newt Gingrich has been celibate or lacking birth control options during his three marriages and god knows how many affairs. Allegedly, Callista is still in her 40's is she on birth control or does Newt carry a cache of Trojans in his pocket?

What about Ricky Santorum? If they're not using birth control, why doesn't he have a family to rival the Duggars instead of a measly 7 offspring?

And what about Mitt. Same thing applies. What's he got...five kids. Somebody's violating a whole lot of religious stricture, aren't they? Well, when he was governor, he signed a mandate just like this, almost word for word. Stood up to Catholic bishops and religious institutions that got their draws in a knot. Guess it's only bad when Obama does it.

28 States already have this mandate on the books. Women are going to do what they need to do, quietly and out of sight of all the uproar kicked up by their partners.

As an example to the blatant hypocrisy of the fake christian right, take the law proposed by a state senator in Oklahoma, which is currently wrestling with a personhood proposal. Lawmakers, there, want to define life as beginning at conception;

The concept of “personhood” defines human life as beginning at the moment of conception according to the Oklahoma SB1433... that the resulting fetus “at every stage of development (has) all the rights, privileges, and immunities available to other persons, citizens, and residents of this state.”

Oklahoma State Senator Constance Johnson proposed to amend the law with a clause that also grants the same equality to every sperm, making them “sacred so to speak.” It holds men equally accountable for procreation.

However, any action in which a man ejaculates or otherwise deposits semen anywhere but in a woman’s vagina shall be interpreted and construed as an action against an unborn child.” - Johnson amendment.

If left in the bill, this clause would outlaw male masturbation, anal sex (doggie style, for those needing translation), sex with condoms, all forms of fellatio to completion (blow jobs), as well as numerous other acts. 

Girlfriend then turned around and withdrew the amendment as her male colleagues breathed a collective sigh of relief..not that it had a chance of becoming law. It does point out the total stupidity of these laws, that weigh heavily and completely on women while allowing men to escape most if not all of their responsibility. 

One final thought....

98% of catholics practice birth control and when polled 58% of all catholics liked the Obama health mandate....'nough said.


Newt Gingrich in Cincinnati

Well it had to happen. With the Ohio GOP primary set for March 6th, it's time for the clown car to make an appearance in the Queen City. Newt “Puff Daddy” Gingrich reportedly plans to make some stops along the old three C highway, with Dayton thrown in for good measure.

You can read about it here

Our local republican slanted newspaper says Gingrich and Callista have a taste for some Price Hill Chili and will plunk down there sometime on Tuesday. Afterward he and she will head to Dayton, then Columbus and end up in Cleveland for a big rally on Wednesday.

Of course you know that Newt is coming off his latest loss and subsequent temper tantrum to Max Headroom Romney. Romney dusted Lizard-boy in Nevada this past weekend. Literally treated him with all kinds of disrespect. It was not at all in keeping with the image of world savior that Newt has of himself.

He thinks he's the messiah but, so far has only alluded to it, not come right out and said it, yet. Maybe he'll leave the anointing up to Calllista, letting her finally speak instead of just stand there with that silent gaze trained only on him.

Ya know, now that I think about it, maybe that gaze and position next to his podium is her way of keeping her boy on a leash since we all know her dog does like to wander.

But I digress. I hope some enterprising reporter here in town has the guts to ask the Newter about the so called war on religion that he has been spouting off about in between bouts of calling Romney a liar, and telling us black people how shiftless and lazy we are.

Newt claims the new health regulations requiring insurance plans to cover birth control in the same manner as they cover erectile dysfunction drugs is a war, on first the Catholic Church and second, on religion in general. ( Newt is a new convert to Catholicism so have patience with his undying fanaticism).

Question- How is this possible since the regulation as I read it says the insurance plans must provide birth control coverage, but it doesn't mandate or force anyone to actually use birth control. You can still stick to the rhythm method if you want. The church can still outlaw birth control for its followers, if it wants.

What's the big deal?

Why should Newter be you ticked off about birth control when serial adultery doesn't bother him, lying doesn't bother him, or casting untrue aspersions on his neighbor doesn't bother him.

Anyway, I'm gonna try and find out where he is set to land and see if I can get close, welcome his highness to the Queen City and maybe even get some answers to a whole host of questions percolating in my mind.

I've always been a sucker for clowns...