John Jim Crow Kasich

Let's get right to the point, shall we...

A lazy electorate, impatient and tired of what they perceived as Barack Obama's ineffectiveness in solving their pet causes in the first two years of his presidency, lazily stayed home in droves in 2010, refusing to deploy the only real weapon that a citizen has against its government. Many of you who did vote stupidly voted to put the very people who had pushed America to the brink of destruction, back in power, all because he couldn't get it done fast enough.

And you know who you are...

You actually believed that Barack the magic negro bullshit back in 2008. You expected him to blink his eyes, or wave a magic wand and presto, gay people became equal and marriage material, white people would starting actually liking Black people, the wars would automatically stop, the troops would fly home, the deficit would be fixed and Wall Street would pass out money to everyone, making us all millionaires. 
We the people, gave Obama a boat without a paddle inches from going over a cliff and told him to “Get us out of here, quick!”  And some of you didn't bother to try and help him paddle. 
The result is not just partial, but complete gridlock in Washington. The mini-minds of the Republican Party have convinced themselves that the 18% who did go to the polls, in the midterm election gave them a mandate to rule the rest of us lazy-ass immature 80%, regressing the country back to a mythical and perverted version of itself. 
This mythical version had workers who worked like slaves from sun up to sundown for no money. It had slaves, real ones, happy ones, dragged over from Africa who smiled and buck danced at the first sight of Massa.

It had women whose only roll in life was to please her husband, father, brother and bring children into the world sometimes fathered by their husband, father or brother. But the men folks was happy, and so were the rest of us, they assumed. Everybody was Christian, period.

Cut back to present day 21st Century America, the GOP, with its fake mandate, has declared war on workers with laws such as SB5 in Ohio. They have declared war on women with no less than 44 new laws designed to deny women's rights and keep them under a male thumb.

This GOP has literally redacted the Voting Rights Act for Blacks by changing when, where and how people can vote. They have gerrymandered the voting districts to give Republicans and Teabaggers a better opportunity of winning electoral seats.


The GOP has declared war on immigrants both legal and illegal. They have decided that the only “child” worth saving is the one still in the womb, with closer resemblence to a frog than a baby. If a woman should happen to get raped by ET, oh well...tough titties..

But it's still okay to execute innocent people...nothing in the constitution prevents it..right Justice Scalia?

The GOP/Teabaggers lied and said they would make jobs, but they've been telling this lie since Nixon was in office. Truth be known these fools have tanked more jobs than they've made these past two years. 
It's not just happening in Ohio. The feds have gone to court in Texas to stop Rick Perry's gerrymander of the Lone Star State, whose sole purpose is to deprive minorities of the right to vote. If Perry is doing this in Texas, imagine what he can do if you give him the keys to the White House. 
Kasich is attempting the same thing in Ohio, but the Ohio Supreme Court has stepped in and stopped it so far. This is going to force us to have two primaries next year and the GOP is crying foul, because an extra primary will cost $15 mill. 
Should'da thought about that before rigging the elections. AND...by the way...the Ohio Supreme Court which called a temporary halt to this nonsense, is all republican with one exception...and if they smell a rat...you know it's got to be a big one...

Texas and Ohio are also joined by the likes of North Carolina, Arizona, and Colorado. In fact every state that had a massive and EARLY voting turnout in 2008 is being gerrymandered by the GOP, as we speak.

Jim Crow is back and dancing a jig on the White House lawn.

So how are they doing it? Provisions that no longer allow early voting on the Sunday before the election. It is estimated that 1/3 of the Black vote came on the Sundays before the election in 2008. Another change...third parties...such as the NAACP and people who help others to the polls...must submit their paperwork allowing them to do this within 48 hours, instead of 10 days or risk having to pay heavy fines. This is another way of killing organizations like ACORN...which was never in the business of rigging elections..proven only after they were forced out of business by the GOP.

This provision is particular has caused the League of Women voters to suspend their voter registration efforts for the first time in 70 years. 
It's not just about the Sunday before...it's about early voting in general. Kasich has tried to cut the early voting window in half. He doesn't want blacks to have a chance to exercise their constitutional rights.

Colorado tried to get their counties to declare anyone who did not vote in 2010 as “inactive.” This would mean that an early voting ballot would not be mailed to them, a move that effects the elderly, low income and minority voters.

Let's not forget the new ID laws. It is estimated that the new laws in Alabama, South Carolina and Texas could keep more than 5 million people who voted in 2008, from voting in 2012.

And it's not just minorities....married women who have not changed their surnames on their ID...the elderly who can't get out and may not have updated their ID...people who simply can't afford the cost of a government issued ID are in jeopardy, too.

The fix is in, people. This is election year 2000 on steroids. When the GOP plays to win....they cheat.

But don't take my word for it....look at the justice system...look at what is going on in state governments....look at what is being voted on, on Capital Hill.

Makes ya wanna holla...

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