Dear Governor Jimmy John Kasich

Hey, John-boy...you git the number of that truck that left those tire tracks on yo ass? Man, it's a wonder you still walkin'.....are you walkin'? Or you playin' piggyback with you security men?

The national news media is calling it an “overreach,”......as in “Kasich overreached himself by going after the unions in Ohio."

Let's flat out call it what it was....a bitch slap of the monumental kind...you know the kind that Momma deals out when you totally screw up and she's totally fed up with yo sorry ass!

John-boy, you need to go do what we all do after Momma beats yo ass...you go sit down and quietly rethink your position..vowing never to do that simple shit again...at least while she is within earshot, anyway. 
John-boy...it's still JOBS and the ECONOMY, dummy!

You got into office promising to bring jobs to a struggling Ohio...Yet what do you do.... you confer big raises on your INCOMING, ALL WHITE , NEARLY ALL MALE administration, before they've done any work to merit a raise....you kill light rail for all of Ohio....you promise to privatize the prison system at a job loss of approximately 50,000 upfront.....You pimped the casinos for 3-4 million dollars for your out of town cronies..you couldn't even bring that job to Ohio...AND THEN YOU TRY TO BUST THE UNIONS....

Boy you been cruisin' for an ass whuppin' since last election day back in 2010...

Let me quote Fred Sanford here. “Note to Dummy”.....Killing the middle class, by killing the method by which the middle class was formed.... DOES NOT REDUCE THE DEFICIT...it just pisses people off.

It's a good thing for you that we don't have a recall law in Ohio or we might have been able to get rid of you altogether last Tuesday.

And oh yeah...you need to get a handle on those pro birth people too...women are only going to take so much...and you see what happened in Mississippi when folks such as yourself...OVERREACH....I'm tellin' you...don't bring that weak shit to Ohio...We ain't havin' it...

Respectfully yours

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