2011 Ohio Election, My Take

 For Cincinnati City Council: Wendell Young, Jason Riviero, Roxanne Qualls, Yvette Simpson, Laure Quinlivan, Chris Seelbach, PG Sittenfeld

These are the people for whom I intend to vote. There are 9 slots to be filled but I'm not happy with the rest of the candidates and their past performances, so I have included four newbies who, at least on paper, and in person, say the right things to get my attention.

Issue One: Mandatory retirement for Ohio Judges...If someone can do the job effectively, I personally don't think they should be forced to retire just because they've reached a certain age. Vote: No

Issue Two: Proposal to repeal SB 5, Governor Kasich's attempt at union busting in Ohio, like what went down in Wisconsin earlier this year. SB 5 makes it illegal for workers to speak up for themselves in negotiating better working conditions. It criminalizes free speech in this context, in fact. You can actually be fired from your job if Kasich prevails on this. Make no mistake about it..if SB 5 is voted down by the people, our slippery little governor will find other ways to impose his wingnut policies on the State. Vote: No

Issue 3: Proposal to write into the State Constitution, a ban prohibiting Ohio from abiding by the federal Health Care Law, approved by Congress a couple of years ago. Success of this law means insurance companies can return to discriminating against people with pre existing conditions or against women's health care in general. It reads: "no law or rule shall compel, directly or indirectly, any person, employer or health care provider to participate in a health care system." Vote No

Issue 48: A proposal to literally screw the City of Cincinnati until at least the year 2021. What it does is hinder any and all major development downtown along with the street car. This proposal is badly conceived, badly written and will keep Cincinnati the third rate backward city that it has become for years to come. Vote No

Issue 44: A plan to lower electric rates by forcing Duke Energy to the negotiating table....Two proposals on the Nov. 8 ballot promise Cincinnati residents and small businesses the chance for bigger savings on their electric and gas bills. These plans are already working in other parts of the state. What I've read about aggregation, sounds good on paper and I am all for anything that will rein in the arrogant Duke Energy. Vote Yes

Issue 32: Permanent Levy for the Cincinnati Public Schools. Money to be used for books, computers and building renovation...NOT SALARIES OR BENEFITS. The levy hopes to raise $49.5 million..meaning the owner of a home valued at $100,000 would pay an additional $243 per year in taxes.. Vote: Yes

Issue 37: Hospital renewal levy. Doesn't cost us any money and provides a much needed service. Vote Yes

Regardless of whether or not you agree or disagree...the important thing is to get off your ass and vote. It is the only weapon that you as a citizen have against mediocrity and stupidity in your government....
You stay home...we all suffer!


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