John Kasich, You're Fired!

There is no law on the Ohio books to allow for the recall of a sitting governor, but there should be. Six months after the perfect storm of the midterm November elections, the teabaggers have swallowed up the GOP and have begun to reshape America in their ultra conservative anti woman, anti black, anti gay, anti union, anti poor people image.

The perfect storm was created when Blacks, young people, many gays and lesbians and just about everyone else except old white people stayed home in droves from the polls, apparently thinking their vote wasn't really necessary or were disillusioned at the pace that Obama was working to change things.

Six months later, it has become painfully obvious that the freedoms and civil rights that we take for granted, are now on the chopping block. Conservatives have begun reshaping America state by state, just as they have done to the Federal Court system in the past several years, all the way to the Supreme Court.

Kasich's first act as governor was to privatize job creation in Ohio, by turning over the job creation function to a non profit corporation that he chairs. Of course this was after he cut administrative wages across the board in order to give his job board and personal assistants a pay increase. He labeled the decrease in wages as a cost saving measure for the state.

Then Kasich got to work on House Bill 5 which bans collective bargaining for unions and makes criminals of anyone daring to take part in a strike against their employer. More than 350,000 union members are affected by this...and I would suspect that many of them voted for the GOP during the midterms, never expecting the GOP to turn on its own....surprise!

A rider on this law also repealed domestic partnership law in Ohio doing away with a long fought for civil rights for the Ohio LGBT community.

Kasich has declared war on Cincinnati, by playing politics with the planned street car, and gambling casino. Kasich pulled the plug on promised state money for the project, effectively killing jobs and possibly the project itself. He has also thrown a monkey wrench into the casino project, hiring an out of state firm to oversee the project, doing away with the time frame for getting the Casino open next year. The street car would have enabled visitors to get around downtown Cincinnati without having to worry about a car or the need to buy gasoline.

Today comes word that he is going to cut the money for child care and head start for those who can least afford it.

None of this has anything to do with deficit reduction or job creation, rather the opposite.....Kasich is playing politics with the very lives and existence of Ohioans. He says he wants to make Ohio “cool”.....well....news flash.... this ain't it Bra....

Meanwhile....Across the country:

GOP/teabag electives are attempting to nullify any federal law with which they don't agree.

Women are being stripped of health care. Health care for women has never been equal to that for men. It is even less so now. Some states such as Virginia have passed laws literally shutting down women's health clinics. These clinics are being shut down, say conservatives, to keep federal money from paying for abortions...Well, here's some breaking news for conservatives....The Hyde Amendment that prohibits using federal funds for abortion procedures is still law....AND...abortion is still legal in America....

Gays and lesbians are in danger of losing recent hard won civil rights...reversing the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, losing domestic partner rights in Ohio (it was a rider on the bill that outlawed collective bargaining), as well as re-entrenchment of Defense of Marriage Acts.

By the way....Speaker of the House....Ohioan John Boehner is demanding the Justice Department reimburse Congress for the money it will use to defend the Defense of Marriage Act. This after Obama told Justice not to defend what is clearly a discriminatory law.

Concealed carry gun rights have come to college campuses in at least three states......nothing like a 19 year old drunken frat boy with a fully loaded gloc pistol strapped to his waist under his hoodie.

Congressman Paul Ryan has introduced and gotten passed in the House, a budget that will require senior citizens to pay $6,400 more when they qualify for Medicare, that is if they qualify. Ryan's plan eliminates the guarantee to provide Medicare and Medicaid to senior citizens, now defined as anyone over 55 years of age.

In fact, two thirds of Ryan's measure cuts low income programs...a balancing act on the backs of the poor. All this while expanding tax cuts for the rich and repealing regulations on business and wall street.

Ryan's bill also cuts Pell Grants for all 9 million college students, putting higher education further out of reach for many. One million, in fact, would be cut from the program starting next year.

Food stamps will be cut by $127 billion dollars over the next 10 years if Ryan gets his way.

100,000 kids will be cut from Head Start beginning next year.

At least 20 states are following Wisconsin and Ohio's lead to limit the rights of its citizens....to roll back long fought for job and collective bargaining rights.....to keep women from adequate health and family planning care.....and to rollback or install discriminatory laws aimed at gays and lesbians.

Public education and the environment are also under attack at a time when we can least afford it.

25 legislatures and 29 governor's offices were turned over to the GOP during the mid term election last November.

So tell me....How's that GOP/teabag “take back our country” thingey workin' for ya?

There is a recall petition circulating in Ohio and online, to throw Kasich out of office...If you happen to run across it...Sign it please....

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