The GOP is Dead-So Says John Boehner

Well, you heard it from the man's mouth...."there is no daylight between me and the tea party." So says the Speaker of the House, John Boehner. He made the statement during an interview today on GMA with gorgeous George. 

In other words, we can stop distinguishing the Tea Party from the Republican Party because they are one and the same. Their agenda for America is the same.

The GOP, the grand old party is no more. The party of Lincoln is history. Rest in peace, republicans...because the GOP is now the party of  radical christian conservatives, bent on taking back their country.

No compromise necessary....no compassion for anyone except the wealthy 1%....no more need to hide any misogynistic tendencies against women....their women are under control....other women...as usual...don't count..except for occasional sex on the down low.

It's a white man's world and welcome to it.

This means the tea party will control the channel....the tea party will control the frequency....the tea party will control the volume and the purse strings....welcome to the Outer Limits...

It will decide who eats....who gets paid...who goes to school...who gets medicine....who lives....who dies...Rape and incest are no longer crimes because women are only good for fixing dinner and servicing the master.

However everyone will have to go to church...Christian church....not catholic...not muslim...not Jewish...Christian..Jesus worshiping in god we trust church...They will call it the church of our founding fathers...except most of the founding fathers were what would be considered atheists in today's parlance...but that won't stop the teabag ruling elite....

The United States of America now runs on Teabag rules....so says the Speaker of the House...He and They are one...he said today.."no daylight between us!"....Boehner's exact words.

 Boehner also signaled today that he is  fully on board with Congressman  Paul Ryan's plan to gut America, and in keeping with Boehner's "we are one" declaration...I am retiring GOP and Republican acronyms, names and phrases from my writings except in an historical sense.

Henceforth from today forward...Congress is made up of Democrats, Independents and Teabaggers...

Teabag Congressman Paul Ryan's budget which was introduced this week and is currently being overshadowed by all the government shutdown talk is nothing more than a scheme to openly wage class warfare against the poor, the middle class or what's left of it, and senior citizens.

Ryan's budget proposal seeks to privatize all services and shift the financial burden off onto the backs of the very people who can't handle it.  Rich people get richer...poor people...well, poor people are left to rot and die within a harsh system not of their making.

By the way...did you know that the richest 5% of America holds fully 64% of the country's wealth? Did you know that the bottom 80% of Americans subsist on 12% of the pot?

Ryan's plan privatizes all entitlement programs and doesn't make any real cost saving cuts. He also refuses to raise taxes on the wealthy upper crust or hold corporations responsible in any way what so ever.

And before you say that is a good thing...Ryan shifts the problem off the federal government...but directly onto the already cash strapped states, senior citizens, the disabled, and the low income...and  even with all this...fails to balance the budget until at least 2040.

Income, estate and corporate taxes would be repealed or drastically reduced while a national sales tax would be put into play, raising the tax obligations of those who can least afford it.

Ryan's budget does not address the massive waste in defense spending or farm subsidies. It does not address the money wasted on two failed wars begun by his party back in the day.

But then neither does Mr. Speaker.

 Boehner said today during his talk with George Stephanopoulos that the problems began last year...not during the previous administration, when he and most of his cronies were in power and could have stopped many of our troubles if they had chosen to do so.

In other words, today's problems are all Obama's fault....nobody else did this...America screwed up when  it put a timid inexperienced black man in the White House. Now suddenly, America is on the verge of default and the rest of the world hates us.

Obama's fault, period.

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