Government Shutdown-Are Food Riots in the Offing?

Just like in 1995, if the government does shutdown on Friday certain benefits and services will continue.

Mail delivery will go on...it is a self funded entity...

Food Stamps will continue....can't imagine anybody except a rabid teabagger willing to tempt food riots in the streets of America..

The VA will continue to treat patients...however the armed forces may not get paid on time...wonder if that applies to generals and Pentagon hacks?

Border agents will stay on the job as will other so called essential personnel..

Essential personnel includes the fools of Congress, too...

In other words, they won't have to suffer without a paycheck or their health care under any circumstances...

Passports will not be issued, nor will gun permits, and national parks will be closed.

Thousands of federal workers will simply be told to stay home for a while, so there will be nobody answering phones about taxes, social security benefits or anything else for that matter.

Oh, and forget about getting your IRS refund if you've got one coming because it ain't...coming that is..

The last time government workers were furloughed Congress approved back pay for them, so they didn't really lose anything.  However with the teabaggers calling the shots...retroactive pay may not happen this time.

No one really knows what will happen until it happens since the federal guidelines for a shutdown are so broad.

All we know is that the fools who trigger it will get off scot free without consequences like always...

I am so ready for a revolution.

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