Hey Homes, You Messed Up, Man-Another Open Letter to the President

You left that sista hangin', man. You didn't help her. In fact, you let your boys beat her up worse than those fools at Fox News. And, then when the shit hit the fan, man, you ducked, hid out in the White House and sent your mouth piece to talk for you, when you should've apologized personally, as soon as it turned around.

This lady runs deep in Civil Rights history, man. She has walked the walk all her life before you was Barack Obama. You messed up man. Messed up. Never should a happened in the first place. You didn't have her back, when you should have.

And now everybody's mad at ya.

But you know, I think some of it's our fault too. We expected so much of you. We assumed so much of you. We assumed you had our back, that when we called you “Homes” you knew what that meant.

You were honest, dude. You told us about how you was raised up. How your black daddy left your white mother to raise you in her world. You told the truth. You didn't try to fool nobody. We just saw what we wanted to see and made it happen. We got a Black President.

The thing is you look black, man, like your daddy, but you react to the world the way your mother taught you. You don't really know what it's like for black people in America, because you ain't never been there.

You been to Indonesia and around the world. You learned how to play hoops realistically, however if Reggie told the truth, he would probably say you play like a white boy, steady, effective, but no MJ flash.

Your journey leading up to this point took you through the white world, through the real Harvard instead of Illinois college of higher learning for Black men, otherwise known as the Cook County Jail. You spent more time with your mother's people than you have with us and it shows.

Look at any black looking person who has spent his or her life being the “fly in the buttermilk” and you will see a person who is not really comfortable around other black people. They can't help it, and neither can you. It's what they and you are used to. The internal understanding of Black America is simply not there.

You can sit down and share a beer with the Skippy Gates of the world. He is just like you, always reveling in the lack of black genes in his own gene pool. He looks black, but as he so often reminds..he's three quarters white. You seem to want to relate differently than Gates, but you don't know how. You are at least trying.

No disrespect, but you can't dance, man. You ain't got no rhythm, no moves, no empathy for your father's people. You weren't raised with black consciousness. Viscerally, you don't understand Blackness. You're like that wild animal rescued by humans, who can't be released back into the wild because he's never been wild or totally free in the first place.

When we put you in the White House, we figured you would have our back, that we could trust you to instinctively know things, black-things, and that finally there was a President who understood and would work it out for us, even while he was placating the man. No, we weren't looking for change overnight, far from it. As the godfather of soul said...we just wanted someone to finally open the door and let us in...we can serve ourselves.

We refused to believe, despite what you handed us by way of your cabinet and by the stances that you continue to take, that you not only work to placate the man...you are he and he is you.

No offense meant, Homes. You look like us, but you ain't us.

C'mon Homes, you know nobody really wants that chump change welfare check. You can't live off that shit.

We was expecting a massive program to put people to work immediately, not after you get out of office. You policies are worse than the voodoo economics of Reagan. We was already in deep doo-doo from Reagan and the mismanagement, lies and wars created by Bush the younger, and now you're putting stuff into place that you say will make things better...we just have to wait until 2014 or later...

2014 ain't gon be no middle class, or regular people, man just rich people and the poor who serve them.

Homes, we elected you because we like you, because you're smart, because you really are the best of America at this point in time.

But you got to do better. You got to stop flinching every time the Right fakes a sucker punch. You need to learn how to counter punch.

Rather than simply breaking bread with our people, you need to sit down on the stoop ….go visit the hood....go check out the unemployment lines....cop a seat at the welfare office and play with the babies.....talk to old black people....have you really listened to your mother in law...engaged her in a conversation about blackness, because if you have, it doesn't appear that you really heard her.

You've done a lot... accomplished a lot in a very short time and we really, really are proud of you.

But you're missing the big picture, Homes, and it may bring about early foreclosure and eviction from the beautiful big White House that you're currently renting and calling home.

It's not too late for change.
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