Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

Shirley Sherrod lied and we can thank Jeffrey Lord for setting us straight......

Who is Jeffrey Lord, well he writes for The American Spectator and is a former Political Director in the Reagan White House, which means he is just this side of dead by now. However he still has enough life in him to roll out a convoluted defense of Andrew Breitbart and Fox News for their hatchet job on Sherrod.

You can read his column, here in its entirety

According to Lord, Sherrod lied about her relative, one Bobby Hall, who she said during her now infamous NAACP address, was lynched. Not so, says Mr. Lord. Bobby Hall was beaten to death by the County sheriff and his deputies with solid bar blackjacks and their fists, while he was handcuffed and defenseless. The beating went on for 20-30 minutes. The case went all the way the United States Supreme Court, and in their ruling cited by Mr Lord, the Justices agreed that Hall was beaten to death.

To bolster his argument Lord points out that all of the Justices, or most of them anyway were put on the court by that liberal jack-a-napes, FDR, including the lifetime membership KKK card carrying Justice Hugo Black.

Therefore Mrs. Sherrod is a bald faced liar who is attempting to stir up racial hostilities by invoking terrible lynching images. She should have told the truth and said her relative was beaten to death by a group of white police officers.

Why is it not a lynching? Well in most minds, including Mr. Lord's apparently, lynchings only happen when you string somebody up with a rope and choke the life out them after you've brutalized them in other ways. After all, we've got all kinds of pictures of some 4700 people hanging from trees or light posts in America.

However, the dictionary definition of a lynching is simply this: Putting a person to death by mob action without due process of law..

Don't need a rope to have a lynching. That is why the 1998 killing of James Byrd Jr, a Black man who was tied to the back of a truck and dragged to death is considered a lynching.

She did not lie. But then we knew that. And what the hell difference does it make if someone is beaten to death with iron bars or hung from a tree....Does it really...really matter?

Lord also takes issue with how Mrs. Sherrod described the killing of her father, as a means of questioning her veracity.

His senility really becomes apparent when he tries to defend Breitbart. According to Lord, it must have been some sort of mix up.

In other words, Breitbart had the tape and he edited it, creating two tapes...one good one and one bad one. Somehow this expert blogger...I refuse to call him a journalist....managed to post the wrong tape on his website...and....it was the wrong tape that was used to indict Shirley Sherrod.

Further, according to Lord, Fox News didn't know that Breitbart screwed up when they looped the wrong tape in their 24 hour cycle. It was all a mistake, no harm, no foul...especially since Shirley Sherrod and her Obama-lovin' ass is such a liar to begin with.

If she hadn't lied all this never would have happened. This old white guy swallows his foot even more when he says the only reason she worded her speech the way she did was out of her obsessive love for  Barack Obama. She was merely protecting him, like all good Black people do, along with  his liberal agenda.

So, it's all her own fault that she got fired....just like all this talk of racism and the stuff that happens to Black people is our fault as a people...we just love kicking ourselves in our  collective black ass...so we can stick it to the masters of the universe to make them look like big bad men.

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