A Nation of Stupid People

Despite what my teachers told me all the way through school, even in college, I knew that I would never make a good teacher. My teachers told me from third grade on, that I had what it took to educate other people. I had the ability to make them see history or to understand science or to solve the riddles hidden in psychology.

What my teachers didn't know and that I never told them, is that I have trouble dealing with people who lack my passion for the subject. In other words, if you don't care and don't want to learn, I don't care and will not try to force feed it to you.

A good teacher overlooks this and continually tries to bring the mountain to Mohammed, so to speak. Not me. I know the damn mountain won't move and if Mohammed's not interested in seeing it, I'm not interested in breaking a sweat to get dirty for someone who doesn't care in the first place.

The one person who should be talking to school kids is President Obama. He is the walking, talking, living, breathing example of the American dream. He is the one who puts the truth in this convoluted, racist driven country called America.

All teachers should have to do is to stand in front of their class and when some student gives them some grief....wave a picture of Obama at them and say....”wanna be like him....put your head back in that book!”

But a lot of people don't want this to happen. They don't want their kids to be like Obama.

For a long time, education, knowledge, and intellectualism has been frowned upon in this country. It seems as though that anyone who loves learning and welcomes different viewpoints is adjudged to be unpatriotic or un-American.

We've ventured into a climate where we burn not only books but the book reader as well as the author in one big bonfire.

It's not cool to be smart or book learned in this day and age. And it's not just a white conservative problem, Blacks who embrace knowledge are routinely called out for acting too white.

Black schools are bereft of parental input, teachers more burdened with raising and civilizing kids rather educating them.

The result is a nation of stupid people. People who are motivated by fear instead of reason. People who see crossing the street out of their neighborhood as a danger instead of an adventure toward new people, ideas and places.

And that fear is being exploited by the power hungry, the ambitious, willing to use that fear to get what they want...which is to bring down a president who is attempting to change the status quo...because it doesn't suit them or their dreams of unending wealth and control.

So we live in a world that has been turned upside down...black is white....day is night....the president wants to talk to school kids and that is wrong....even though the presidents favored by the power mad routinely talked to school kids during their watch...

This president has too many Czars....other presidents actually coined and created the offices of czar...yet...the power mad overlook that....and the stupid people listen...forgetting how it used to be..This president can't lead....can't get anything done...this despite the fact that he has only been in office for a few months and it took years to drive the country this low....

This climate is surely how it felt during the time of the Salem witch hunts and trials...or during the Inquisition. However, making those references are useless, given today's climate of ignorance..

Stupid people....stupid, uneducated....fearful people...

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