Cincinnati Media Misses Real Story

First African American Named as President of Major University

Normally that would be the headline when a Black is tapped to do something the first time. Forever, his or her name would be prefixed by “first African American” this or that, whenever he is talked about in the news.

However there is a problem here and the problem is that Gregory H. Williams, looks like a white man. He identifies himself as African American, so we're not spilling any family secrets here.

He is okay with his identity, in fact he wrote a book about it. The stories today point out his relationship to two coaches for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Yet, the media is in a state of flux about how to identify this man. If he were my color, there would be no problem. If his skin is dark, then he is first and foremost identified by his color.

However, since he looks like a white man, do they want to hang a negative on him in front of his name? In other words, since he looks like a white and probably lives like a white man, why should we bring him down and label him in a negative, ie "black way."

“First African American Named to Lead UC” or some such statement.

The media is still stuck and probably forever will be stuck in telling stories by stereotype, rather than finding the real story inside the facts.

The fact that this man spans and lives and has survived in both worlds is interesting in and of itself regardless of his new position of power, especially since he rose to power after embracing his dark side...

Identifying him the way he identifies himself and then telling the story of how he reached that point is infinitely more interesting than the one the MSM has set itself up to tell.

Their fear of possibly offending someone or of shying away from the facts is why they've lost all credibility in a game they created...

In a time when we're trying to bolster young black men to stay in school and to seek achievement rather than run from it, Gregory Williams is an excellent role model.

I know, I know...I hear you....he achieved in a white skin with full white privilege in play...looking and thinking that he was a white man...until he met his family...all of his family....

Well, after meeting his family...he didn't lie or run away from what he is...he embraced it and went on..

He says he is a Black man...and that is good enough for me...

It is also the story inside the story that should be told...

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