Some Thoughts on the Stimulus Bill

Thinking about the stimulus drama of the past week, reminded me of a Nina Simone set during the Jazz Festival in Cincinnati Ohio, one year when it was really a Jazz Festival, back in the day.

At one point during her set, Ms. Simone wanted the audience to join her in singing the Black National Anthem-Lift Every Voice. She said she wanted all Black people in the audience to sing, and she told the white people in the audience to sit quietly because:

"it’s not that we don’t like you...it’s just that we choose to ignore you, right now."

I think Barack Obama should take that approach to the GOP on Capital Hill. He is wasting too much time and drama trying to get these fools to see that they need to change their thinking and way of doing things. Bipartisan is great when it happens.

But it’s like trying to cure an addict of his addiction-it’s not going to happen unless the addict is ready for it to happen. The American people staged an intervention. However it is clear that the GOP has hunkered down inside its padded cell and is refusing to take the meds or to attend counseling sessions.

I say leave them alone. Soon enough, they will get hungry and be willing to come out into the light.

And Paul Krugman et al who are painting this stimulus bill as a sorta defeat for Obama....C’mon now..As I write this Obama STILL has not been in office a month yet and already he’s a step closer to delivering help to the American people..No it wasn’t pretty if you were waiting for a bipartisan love fest...

Yes, there were stumbles....But then even Neo failed to make his first jump....so lighten up...it’s early...way early....Congress is still obviously filled with Mr. Smiths....not the updated ones...the old ones...who have limited speed....and their age is showing...

Obama has got to learn how to control the message better...The GOP is still boss when it comes to getting its talking points in the mainstream talk fests that pass as news, while the real message gets covered up and drowned out...

So let’s move on...there is still much work to do..
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