If Women Ruled the World

It wouldn’t be in the shape it’s in now. ...that’s not me...that’s a study released today saying that the reason men screw things up is that they don’t use both sides of their brain, have too much testosterone and are too impetuous...so what else is new!

But.....I don’t like the idea of a totally woman driven world either...Sitting around while a group of women "process" and "discuss" is like getting my teeth pulled with no anesthetic...

Let’s let women with more than an average dose of testosterone handle things... Trinity, Storm and Zena to rule the world, maybe? How about a little Callisto for crazy to keep it interesting..yeah...let’s send Callisto after Osama B...Bet she could find his cave....

Mr. President,

I’m all for bipartisan workings...however the GOP has demonstrated very loudly that it doesn’t give two s**** in a tin can about this country. You tried to get them to help...you failed...not because of anything you did...but because they don’t want you to succeed... and they think that electing a black man as their chairman is going to magically erase their inbred racist tendencies.....F*** Em if they can’t take a joke...

Let’s move on shall we..the country needs help and the stimulus package is only the beginning..

Salmonella Blues

Why is the peanut butter fool still walking around free? We have plenty of jail cells. This man is responsible for 8 deaths and more than 500 getting sick from his stuff. Yet he goes to congress and hides behind the fifth amendment?

Lock him up forever with a diet of pb&j from his factory for as long as he lives..


Why is KBR and Haliburton still winning contracts from the government after they got caught paying bribes to Nigerians? KBR paid a fine of 579-million dollars. Doesn’t somebody need to go to jail...Shouldn’t all KBR and Haliburton contracts be terminated and re-rewarded to an honest contractor?

BUSHCO to Jail

I’m with Congressman Leahy....We should be moving ahead with prosecuting Bush and Company for crimes against America. I don’t think any of them will go to jail, but I do think they need to be made to own up to what they’ve done to this country and the Constitution.


Reports today that stem cells from a donor have apparently cured a guy of AIDS. He is no longer on the drug cocktail that he has been taking for the past 10 years. I certainly hope this report is true.

It was revealed several years ago that certain white people carrying a gene making them immune to the HIV virus. The stem cell donation in this case, came from a person with that natural immunity.


Michael Steele

I want to know if Michael Steele and Alan Keyes are the same black man? The GOP uses them interchangeably and you never see them together or at the same time.

Now that Steele has been made Captain of the Titanic, where is Keyes? Did ya’ll stick him back in his trunk to sleep until the need arises for another chocolate covered puppet, who needs a hand up his butt in order to talk?


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals....demonstrated outside the Westminster Kennel Club dog show this week, wearing KKK hoods and robes...hmmmmmmmmmm

I’m all for free speech and free expression....However..

Use of imagery that reminds me of the bad old days of being black in America...makes me realize that the bad old days of being black in America still are not over...
Just because we have a black president and a sort a black chairman of the GOP....doesn’t give PETA the right to insult an entire ethnic group.

This is one group that really, really needs to get it’s head out of its ass on a number levels...


Last Question................How do you drive 17 miles with a body stuck to the under chassis of your van and not realize it...Guy did this in New York last night....Ran over a body...and kept driving....said the van was steering funny............Police are back tracking looking for the victim’s body parts...
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