Rapex? Trojan...Trojan? Rapex

From the “I can’t make this up category” comes a new product from South Africa. It’s called RAPEX.

Rapex is a new kind of condom designed to combat the crime of rape. This is a condom for women and is inserted with an applicator much like a tampon. Inside the condom are teeth that attach to the head and shaft of the penis when it is inserted during penetration.

According to the website, it is a device that can be worn for up to 24 hours and should be inserted prior to dates with men you don’t know, when you know you’re going to be walking down some dark street or alley at midnight, if you’re going out clubbing, if you’re working alone in the office late at night, or in any situation where you’re just not sure about the men surrounding you.

It can even be used if you have an abusive husband who is constantly demanding sex when you have a headache.

This device, which was invented a few years ago by a woman named Sonet Ehlers, is designed to cause the man great pain, if he gets caught in it. According to the Rapex website; http://www.rapestop.net, it’s better than the proverbial “kick in the groin” that martial artists teach women as a form of defense.

Once it bites, according to Ms, Ehlers, it won’t come off without medical aid.

Ms. Ehlers says the condom was tested on a fake vagina and fake penis so no real men were maimed during the experiments. She also says the condom is undetectable in case the would-be rapist decides to inspect before inserting.

Critics have called the inventor a man hater for coming up with such a device.

Give me a break, rape is not a crime of sex...it is a crime of power. Men who rape don’t love their victims. If women want to “bite back,” then so be it. It will save money on dental bills.

And what about protection against the guy who breaks into your house while you’re sleeping? Well, that’s easy. Keep Rapex by the bed. You can quickly insert and be ready for him when he climbs on top of you, as you lay there cowering, like little women do, when under attack.

Hmmmm...think I’d rather put my trust in a 38, loaded, laying in the spot where I would normally keep my Rapex.
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